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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ strikes a balance between comedy and action

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The opening scene begins with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) hanging from the ceiling in chains. He begins with a monologue directed at the viewer explaining the situation. Suddenly, he drops and faces a fiery demon-like being known as Surtur. Surtur says, “Thor, son of Odin,” in which Thor responds, “Surtur, son of a….b***h.” “Thor Ragnarok” came […]


Matadors overwhelm the Giants in a first round knockout

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It’s 7 p.m. on a cold Saturday night in Livermore, Calif. on Nov. 11. The Giants are seeded 15th in the North Coast Section (NCS) playoffs, playing the second-seeded Granada Matadors. The Matadors’ stands are completely filled and a school band plays by the field. The Giants have now gone back-to-back years in the NCS […]

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Voluntarios en Canal cultivan el amor por el béisbol

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Click here to read in English Los sonidos de Béisbol se pueden oír casi todo el año en el área de Canal en San Rafael, originado de niños jugando en los varios parques locales como Pickleweed Park. Aunque sea un deporte popular localmente, el béisbol es uno de los deportes más caros para jugar por […]

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Volunteers in the Canal cultivate their love for baseball

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Presiona aquí para leer en Español The sounds of baseball can be heard almost all year long around the Canal District in San Rafael, originating from children playing at various local parks. Although a popular local sport, baseball can be expensive to play due to the amount of gear that is needed, making it difficult […]

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Fourth quarter comeback fails to tame the Mustangs

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Once again, the Giants faced another tough game on Oct. 7, this time against the San Marin Mustangs. Similarly to the game the week before, a fourth quarter comeback for the Giants wasn’t sufficient to overcome the Mustangs. The Giants trailed the Mustangs the entire game, unable to score until the fourth quarter. In the […]

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Giants fall short to the Bulldogs

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Another touchdown, another completed pass and another great run. The Giants received a blowout loss to the Terra Linda Trojans at 48-14 on Sept. 16th. They then faced a rigid Oakland team, which once had the current running back for the Oakland Raiders, Marshawn Lynch. The Giants looked to attain a victory in a tough […]

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Meet your ASB president: Eamon Rogan

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Most students at Redwood rush to get to school by at least 8 a.m., although a certain group routinely arrives by 7 a.m.. That group, Leadership, attends class early every morning except Fridays  to plan out upcoming events and fundraising. Senior Eamon Rogan leads this group as the ASB president. Rogan has been the president […]


Changing the normal course: Alternative Learning

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Straying from the considered “norm” of attending high school for all four years, some students join an alternative learning method. Whether out of intuitive interest or constructive change, each person has different motivations. Alternative learning means the learning process is structured to assist students on a more personal level than a traditional high school can […]


The Giants messed with the Bulls, got the horns but attain favorable victory

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After a near sweep by the Miramonte, the girls’ tennis team looked to take on their first MCAL match against the Branson Bulls on Tues., Sept. 5. Although unfortunately the Giants would fall to the Bulls. Last year the Bulls ended up defeating the Giants in a close match for the MCAL championship, so Zeisler […]


Redwood’s next step in sustainability: Dealing with undiverted waste

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On a sunny day, the clouds part to reveal the mountainous terrain of Marin County which is just one aspect of the natural beauty of the community. Marin’s mild climate and abundance of natural reserves like Mount Tamalpais and Muir Park are what make the county such a unique and attractive setting. However, an upsurge […]