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Matthew Jordan Friend was born in the Yay Area, but lived for five years of his childhood in Denver, CO, before returning back to the Best Coast. This experience greatly shaped his worldliness and love of nature, which consumes much of his time today. Friend is an avid runner, lacrosse player, and sun tanner, but there is more to him than just his natural athleticism. He also enjoys "reading novels inside on a rainy day" and staring off into the distance. This year, he will serve as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Bark, where he hope's to help the paper maintain its high journalistic standards and culture. He hopes to bring not just news to the community, but social-justice for the tired, poor, and weary that cannot attain it for themselves. He also loves his mother, and no she didn't just make him add that...

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A case against affirmative action

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There is a wide disparity in the average level of education between members of different races.   The theory goes that by closing this gap, the uneven distribution of wealth among different races can be eliminated as well. Affirmative action is one of the flagship policies instilled to bridge this gap. It is the development of […]

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UPDATED: Corte Madera Denny’s closes

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*This story has been updated to fix spelling and factual errors Denny’s, a restaurant in Corte Madera known by many students as a go-to location for food at any time of the day, has closed its doors for good. According to manager Ahmed Abdelkadir, this Denny’s location closed Monday, May 19.  He said the restaurant […]

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New standardized testing to be implemented next year

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The STAR test, the standardized test that students across California take annually, was phased out this year in favor of a new test aligning with new state educational standards. The Smarter Balance Field Test will be taken next year across the entire state by third through 11th  graders in response to California’s decision to adopt […]


Outside Lands draws robust lineup

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The 2014 Outside Lands lineup was released Tuesday, and the musical diversity that the festival thrived on last year has returned in full force. The selection of headliners was a homerun, with big names appearing in a variety of genres.  For rap, the festival secured Kanye West.  Although West has been known for his public […]

The A-1 Squad is on the move at the 45th annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at Camp Buckner on April 16 where 50 nine-member U.S. and international service academy, ROTC and preparatory school teams performed a series of challenging military tasks along a partly-prescribed seven-mile course.

Military recruiters frequent school campuses

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Most days, college representatives from all around the nation can be found at Redwood, informing students about their academic institutions.  The College and Career Center exposes students to more than just higher education — military recruiters visit the campus as well, speaking to students about a different kind of future. “[The recruiters] provide information on […]

The man in the green hat is being questioned by the police after an incident in the front lot

Man questioned by police in front lot

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A man was questioned by police in the front lot after appearing under the influence and throwing up on himself on Tuesday, Jan. 28, according to student sources. “Basically he was sitting in his car, he half parked his car he might have been there for a while, and then he opened the door and […]


Homelessness at age 18

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Eighteen is a turning point in the life of any American citizen.  Suddenly, teens have become legal adults, who may vote, be drafted into the military, and of course, sign themselves out of school. But for youth who rely on public services or in the care of the state though, the countdown to this pivotal […]


Causes of teen homelessness in the Bay Area

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In San Francisco, there are an estimated 6,000 homeless residents.  Nearly a quarter of this population is under the age of 25. More surprising is the size of the homeless youth population of San Francisco’s generally affluent suburb to the north, Marin County, which is an estimated 200-600. Kaila Love was once a member of […]