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Michael is a senior and the news editor for the Bark. He learned a lot last year about how to be a Barkie and now strives to be the best one the program has ever had. In addition to his multitude of jobs as News editor, Michael enjoys sports and watching the San Francisco Giants lose. Even though he has never in his life gone to a Redwood sporting event that he hasn't participated in, he hopes to broaden his horizons this year and learn how to have fun. He also secretly prides himself on being the only person he has ever met who doesn't have a Facebook.

Contact Michael Fieber: mfieber@redwoodbark.org.

Senior Tyler Peck delivers a pitch.

Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: Tyler Peck

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When senior Tyler Peck looks back on his four years of Redwood baseball, he’ll have quite a bit to be proud of. The de facto ace of one of the best  Redwood baseball teams in recent memory, Peck pitched his way to a dominant 1.00 earned run average (ERA) and a 9-1 record in 11 […]

Cico winds up to throw the ball.

Prep of the Year: Giorgio Cico

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Four years ago, Giorgio Cico was regarded as little more than part of a supporting cast on a struggling Redwood varsity water polo team that limped to a 5-7 overall finish and a 4-5 record in MCAL play. But a lot has changed in four years, and now both Cico and Redwood water polo have […]

New 628 Marin Area Code

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As of Feb. 21, Marin County residents have to do a little extra when making a phone call. In December of 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission added a new 628 area code to the same geographic region as the current 415 area code of Marin County to meet increasing demand for cell phones. While […]

Photo by Matt Ross

Peer Resource hosts lunchtime safe sex event

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Peer Resource hosted their “Make Safe Sexy” event Wednesday, Feb. 11 at lunch on the South Lawn in partnership with Huckleberry Youth Services, Planned Parenthood, the Redwood Wellness Center, and Marin Youth Services. The goal of the event was to promote safe sex and sex education, including safe-sex related games and events. Huckleberry Youth Services […]

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College football rules reward the wrong people

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A few weeks ago, I enjoyed watching the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship game between Ohio State and Oregon, a showcase of the best teams and athletes college football has to offer. But as is par with games of this magnitude, it was held at the excessively extravagant AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and alongside […]

UC Berkelet students protest in front of California Hall following the announcement of the proposed increase.

UC system approves tuition increase due to lack of state funding

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It’s going to cost a bit more to go to a University of California school next year. On Nov. 19, the University of California (UC) Board of Regents approved a yearly tuition hike of at least five percent every year for the next five years at a conference in San Francisco. The approved increase will […]

Senior Duncan McCrae poses while visiting his website, CarSavvy.com. CarSavvy brokers deals between a car buyer and seller.

Entrepreneur pursues career interest through car business

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“I’m not what most people consider a teenager,”  said senior Duncan McCrae. McCrae looks just like your ordinary high school student. Standing at around six feet tall with close-cropped, curly hair and a t-shirt and jeans, he blends right in with the Redwood crowd. Yet at the age of 17, McCrae has already owned and […]


‘Sun’s out guns out’: The evolution of the adolescent male

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In terms of seasons, the beginning of summer is my worst nightmare, because with summer comes my worst enemy: the ego-inflating bro tank. Let’s face it. I’m not the most physically intimidating person. Being a runner will do that to you. I, unlike so many of my peers, was not gifted with a strong upper […]


Supreme Court upholds ban on affirmative action

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In a decision that nearly split the Supreme Court in two, a ban on affirmative action in Michigan was upheld by the US Supreme Court on April 22nd, a ruling that could have far-reaching consequences as it moves forward. Affirmative action, first introduced in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, was an attempt to level […]

SOPHOMORE NIC BARRETTO plays in the MCAL final against Tam at San Rafael. Redwood later had to forfeit the 8-1 victory due to an ineligible player.

Boys’ tennis forced to default title

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After winning its third consecutive league pennant with an 8-1 victory over Tam in the MCAL final, the Redwood boys’ tennis team was forced to default multiple regular-season wins and their MCAL championship because an unnamed freshman was found to be academically ineligible. Redwood Athletic Director Jessica Peisch informed the team of the decision on […]