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Melissa Block is a junior at Redwood High School and is a copy editor for The Redwood Bark. In her free time she loves going on hikes, taking photos and spending time with her friends and family.

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Portraying the development of a young girl in an unconventional family, "The Glass Castle" succcessfully showcases the memories of author Jeannette Walls.

Free-spirited energy showcased in ‘The Glass Castle’

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How does a filmmaker recreate a life? A life so complicated, untraditional and free-spirited that it was difficult for me to even visualize it in written form. As I headed to the theater to watch Destin Daniel Cretton’s film adaptation of Jeannette Walls’ memoir “The Glass Castle,” I assumed that it simply couldn’t be done. […]

Preparing the entree at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Dame perfects the plate before it’s served

What’s Cookin? Chefs’ Recipes to Success

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As the serrated knife slices through the thick meat, fat is tossed aside onto the stainless steel counter, sometimes landing onto the floor. Soaking wet mops quickly sweep up the scraps as they move around the kitchen floor, dodging the hurrying feet of the waiters and chefs. Orders are shouted through the kitchen over the […]

Cesar Segundo, Diego Kroell, Dany Elias y Cooper Couton(izquierda a derecha) todos estudiantes de tercer año,  charlan antes de la clase AP Spanish Literature.

Estudiantes de ELD se sienten perdidos fuera de su comunidad

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No es un secreto que ser un nuevo estudiante en una escuela es un reto. Tener que adaptarse a un nuevo ambiente, conocer gente nueva, y encontrar dónde congenias es suficientemente difícil para el adolescente típico. La carga añadida de no conocer el idioma nativo lo amplifica. Estas son las circunstancias de los estudiantes en […]

12 year old Hollis Belger practicing juggling on the Redwood football field.

Hollis Belger: Juggling for a cure

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Hollis Belger’s heart is pounding. Her eyes are focused as the ball goes up and down, hitting her right cleat and then her left. Everything else disappears as she concentrates solely on the ball’s movement. This is Belger, a Hall Middle School seventh grader, and her soccer ball. Every morning during the summer, Belger goes […]


Redwood suffers first loss of the season despite inspired performance

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Down two goals with just minutes remaining in the first half, the varsity girls’ water polo team was in need of some offense. After an errant pass from Justin-Siena, junior Kaitlyn Yang grabbed the loose ball and passed it ahead to fellow junior Caitlin Donnelly, who whipped the ball past the goalkeeper. Donnelly cut Justin-Siena’s […]