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Melissa Block is a senior at Redwood High School and is a lifestyles editor for The Redwood Bark!

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Get more without a tour: Evaluating the pros and cons of college tours

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As a group of eager parents dragged their kids to the front of the tour group, bumping past me and interrupting the tour guide with their anxious and obnoxious questions, I was begrudgingly pushed to the back of the crowd unable to even hear my tour guide describe the “awe-inspiring” historical significance of the building […]

Holding up signs against gun control, a group of students participated in a walkout that ended at Larkspur City Hall.

Small walkout commemorates Columbine anniversary, hopes to generate support for gun control

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Protesting gun violence and honoring the victims of the Columbine school shooting on its 19th anniversary, several students left their third period classes at 10 a.m. on Friday April 20 and marched from Redwood to the Larkspur City Hall as part of a nationwide demonstration. Junior Sam Mayerhofer participated in the march, although he was […]


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

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In this series of the Bark’s Remarks we explored what motivates people. You can find these podcasts and more by visiting the Redwood Bark on SoundCloud.


Transfer student brings Aruban flair to baseball field

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Circling his arms around his shoulders, stretching his calves out against the fence and swinging his hips from side to side, senior shortstop Dionathan (Dio) Cornet prepares for his first American high school varsity baseball game. There is a low buzz in the bleachers as the fans anticipate the start of the game. To the […]


New chapter same story: the lasting appeal of libraries

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In front of the long glass windows sits a table of high school students finishing up their homework. The girls are wearing long plaid skirts; they have their short hair curled up on their shoulders and tall white socks pulled above their sneakers. This photo (pictured below) was taken circa 1958. These sophomores represent a […]

Senior Zach Tull listens in as Peer Resource students inform him on condoms.

Peer Resource promotes sexual education with Wellness Center’s help

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On Wednesday, Jan. 24, Peer Resource offered a condom certification program for students at Leadership’s semiannual Club Day in the small gym. A table was set up with informative brochures and models designed to raise awareness about sexual education to the student body. Wellness Center coordinator Jen Kenny-Baum explained that students often feel more comfortable […]


Extensive restaurant background fosters family connections

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The first edition cover of "Free" featured above.

‘Free:’ Teen-created magazine provides artistic platform for students

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“[Artists] love how good it feels to share their work with others, to be really vulnerable, and for other people to be like ‘Hey I’ve been there,’” said Jasper Conacher, co-founder of her newly created magazine titled “Free.” Conacher is a senior at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, and just […]