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Well hello, this is Michael Amos’s bio, and what you see on this website is a grouping of his work here at The Bark. Since he was 5 his father always instilled a love of technology in him. It began with doing basic computer fixes at his elementary school, and turned into becoming an unofficial IT guru for his teachers. Along with Michael’s love for technology came his love for tech work on plays and video shoots, which also turned into a passion for filmmaking. Along with High school classes and many helpful tips from local professionals Michael hopes, and you can be the judge of this or not, that his work has become something close to proficient. Along with a passion for filmmaking he is also an active Scout, which has formed his working style into a more mature and thorough process. He hopes you enjoy what you see.

Contact Michael Amos: mamos@redwoodbark.org.


Commentary: The Social Addiction

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We as humans have a finite attention span, like a river that flows with a specific force. It may change direction or be split up among multiple activities, but the net sum of those activities may never exceed the river’s specific force. What happens when that river is interrupted, split among many streams and tributaries? […]


Flu: A love story

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Crippling aches, high fevers, and hacking coughs have been sweeping across the Redwood campus. Normally, I look at the “Flu Season” with a demigod-like detachment, confident that I won’t get sick. Yet, unlike most demigods, I woke up on Monday, Jan. 25, feeling like I had been hit with a freight train of congestion and […]

Video: Marin County Gun Buy Back

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The Marin County DA executes its plan to buy back guns from Marin county and surrounding areas. With no money left the MVPD sets up for a volunteer gun turn in.

Firefighters work to clear the Silver BMW from the off ramp

Car crash starts fire on Tamalpais offramp

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A silver BMW lost control and crashed as the driver was attempting to leave the freeway on the Tamalpais Drive exit in Corte Madera on Wednesday at 1:10 p.m., according to CHP officer, Sandro Salvetti . The vehicle caught fire as it struck a light pole adjacent to Denny’s Diner in Corte Madera. The two […]

Video: Behind the Scenes at the CEA

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See what happens, and what it takes, before students line up to eat in the Covered Eating Area.

Video: Hurricane Sandy Affects Alumnus

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Superstorm Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people across the United States. See how it affected one New York Resident and one Redwood alumnus.

Video: Cross Country MCAL Finals

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Redwood Giants sweep at the final MCAL match up at COM’s Indian Valley campus.

Video: Titanic Day 2012

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The sophomores dive into the final stage of their swimming unit.


Girls varsity tennis serve up a win against rival Branson

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In a meeting of top MCAL teams, Redwood avenged an earlier loss by beating Branson 6-3 on the College of Marin courts on Tuesday, The first place Bulls had previously beat Redwood 5-4 in an earlier MCAL match, but Redwood came out strong and handily beat a strong Branson squad.Redwood’s Lauren Wolfe clinched the victory […]


Video: Intramural volleyball, lunchtime fun with a little competition

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It’s all fun with a healthy dose of competition, as intramural teams square off on the south lawn for weekly grass volleyball competition in the historic tournament hosted by Michael Dibley. Teams compete for prizes and a chance to go up against the teachers in the school championship game.