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Lucy is a senior and an editor-in-chief of print Bark. In addition to her journalism responsibilities, Lucy is a member of the varsity water polo, swim, and debate teams—and yes, there is such a thing as varsity debate. Lucy’s other favorite pastimes include writing satire, wearing Sperry Topsiders, reading David Brooks, learning about epidemiology, and discovering useful grammatical tips through the @APStylebook Twitter account.

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Chief’s Farewell: Lucy Tantum

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There’s an old adage that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. So it’s no wonder that I still haven’t learned how to walk through the crowded hallways of Redwood High School without bumping into something or someone. After all, I’ve treaded the corridors of this venerable institution for only eight semesters, 720 days, […]

Junior Jonah Goodman demonstrates the 3-D printer in the architecture room.

On the forefront of three-dimensional printing

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What if you could design customized computer or car parts and print them in a matter of minutes? Or create a spacesuit that conforms exactly to the user’s body? What if you could build a new heart for someone in need of a transplant? The advent of 3-D printing holds huge promise for manufacturing, medicine, […]


California’s drought policies are sucking us dry

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We’ve taken shorter showers, fixed our leaky faucets, and let our lawns go dry. Some restaurants only serve water upon request in an effort to save a few precious gallons of it. It’s clear this drought isn’t going away anytime soon. California has been in a drought for four years now.  Though occasional rainstorms sometimes […]

Laurie Kimbrel

Superintendent to resign from new job

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Laurie Kimbrel will be resigning from her new job in Chicago in the wake of controversies that have shaken her tenure as Tam District superintendent. Kimbrel has requested to be released from her three-year contract with District 113 in the Chicago area, the district’s Human Resources representative wrote in an email on Saturday afternoon. Kimbrel […]

Board members listen to presentations by the search firms.

Board chooses consulting firm for superintendent search

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In a continuation of their search for a new superintendent, the Tam District Board of Trustees chose a search firm during Tuesday’s meeting. During a special meeting convened on Tuesday evening, Board members heard presentations from two search firms before deliberating and voting. The two firms, David Long and Associates and the Cosca Group, were […]


Board votes to create ad hoc advisory committee

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A special Board meeting was held on Thursday to discuss the creation of an Advisory Committee to assist the Board with the transitions they are planning to make. Marin Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke offered to organize an ad hoc committee with the goal of working through the staffing changes that the Tam District will […]

Board members discuss the issue of hiring a new superintendent at the TUHSD Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Updated: Harassment allegations leveled against superintendent, husband

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This story was updated on Feb. 12 at 10:00 a.m. to reflect superintendent and school Board comments. The superintendent and her husband are embroiled in controversy over online harassment charges made public at Tuesday’s Board meeting. Dr. Laurie Kimbrel, Tam District superintendent, and her husband were accused of targeting a district parent in defamatory online […]

GREETING VISITORS as they walk into the Keith Haring exhibit, this statue stands proudly. The exhibit will be at the DeYoung until Feb. 16.

Haring exhibit showcases artist’s political perspective

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Keith Haring began his artistic career in New York City subway stations in the early 80s. He used chalk to draw on empty advertising panels on the station walls, working quickly so he wouldn’t get caught. Now, Haring’s subway drawings are, somewhat incongruously, in a museum. The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, to be more […]

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The Humvee down the street: The militarization of America’s police forces

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A Humvee is an armored vehicle built to transport soldiers across any terrain. It’s a five-ton fortress of reinforced steel and bulletproof glass, often topped with a turret for mounting a gun or a missile. Humvees have been around since the 1980s, and they’ve been deployed everywhere from Iraq to Somalia to the Balkans to […]


Superintendent Kimbrel announces plans to resign

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Superintendent Laurie Kimbrel announced her plans on Monday to resign from the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) in June after seven years in the position. Kimbrel has accepted a job at Township High School District 113, located outside of Chicago. Before moving to California, Kimbrel worked at two other school districts in the Chicago […]