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Luke Dahlin is a senior at Redwood and reporter on the Bark. He is a proud Alumn of Bacich Elementary. Luke also enjoys participating in Peer Resource and as the most active class representative you've ever seen. Luke enjoys accompanying fellow reporter Maxime Kawawa-Beudan on wild and delirious adventures. Go Cubs!

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Graffiti: An overlooked, underappreciated art

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Graffiti is an art. That is a phrase rarely said in our community, or in any community, for that matter. But for several Redwood students, it is a phrase that rings true every day. Think about the word ‘graffiti.’ What comes to mind? Now think ‘street art.’ The negative connotation associated with graffiti, as opposed […]

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‘Suicide Squad’: the most fun, least interesting movie you’ll ever watch.

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With non-stop action and an exhaustingly boring and uninspired plotline, Suicide Squad is the epitome of what we’ve come to expect from comic book movies.


Honorable Mention Prep of the Year: Nick Laub

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Whether it’s pulling up for a jump shot or swinging back for a powerful drive, Nick Laub’s athletic ability has been on full display in his career at Redwood. As a captain of both the varsity basketball and golf teams this year for the Giants, Laub has not only showcased his talent as a player, […]


Boys’ Lacrosse advances in dominant win over Justin-Siena

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From the get-go, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team took it to Justin-Siena in the semi-final of the MCAL playoffs, prevailing 17-7. In a full-offensive assault in the first quarter, Redwood maintained possession for nearly all 12 minutes, and  jumped out to a menacing 7-1 lead. “We just wanted to gain momentum going into the finals, […]

Lupario and Winters prepare to receive the serve. The two's relationship has been crucial to the success of the team.

Dynamic Duo: Edition 5- Libero & outside hitter

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Quickly gliding through the air, the speeding volleyball crosses the net onto the Redwood side of the court. Junior libero Andrew Lupario maneuvers to get under the ball before it reaches the hardwood, and strikes it, propelling high up into the air. Bump. Another teammate gets into position underneath the now descending volleyball, again driving […]

Though it may appear that hosting the Olympics will bring as much wealth as it does publicity, the reality is that, in most cases, it results in a bottomless spiral of government spending.

Despite the fame of hosting, Olympics prove an unstable investment

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This June, the International Olympic Committee will select the nominees for hosting the 2024 Olympic Games, and major cities are already making strong pushes for their country’s nomination. Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles are the primary candidates vying to host. And though there are apparent perks of increased tourism and the glamour of being […]

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House on the hill: Uncovering Mt. Tam’s peak residency

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At the center of Marin County’s active and prosperous suburbia stands Mt. Tamalpais. On top of this serene, elevated green landscape sits an often misunderstood structure. This distinct, dark-brown building, that houses the lookouts who scan the surrounding area for fires, has windows that line the second floor and give inhabitants a panoramic view of […]

Oblivious consumption of technology, led by smartphones and hoverboards, are driving society off a cliff, to a point of no return.

Hoverboards: The evolution of laziness

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Laziness of yesterday lies on the couch, eating potato chips and watching television. Laziness of today steps onto its hoverboard and leans in order to travel with the minimum amount of energy. There’s no doubt that hoverboards are gaining popularity, primarily with youth, and this certainly shouldn’t be considered good news. Adolescents and pre-teens refuse […]

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Glamour and action attempt to overshadow repetitive Bond plot in ‘Spectre’

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Car chases, sex scenes, nifty gadgets and epic shootouts. What else do we expect from a James Bond movie? Things are no different this time around. While the franchise’s newest film, “Spectre,” had visuals that amazed, it unfortunately also had the same dry plotline featured in previous Bond films. “Spectre” opens with a fast-paced, energetic […]

Senior Cale Smith drops in to a wave, while surfing at  Fort Cronkhite.

Surfing provides outlet for community of students

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The alarm clock buzzes at 5 a.m., rattling the bedside nightstand and forcing you to slowly drag yourself out of bed. You eat a quick breakfast and rush out the door. Barely awake and running on the adrenaline of six hours of sleep, you pile the wetsuit and board into the car and set off […]