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Luke Armstrong is also known as “the legal consultant,” but more often known as “the guy with the big head.” He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and has been interested in journalism since he started his elementary school newspaper “The Third Grade Times.” “The Third Grade Times,” was a very exclusive publication, and is to this day the only elementary school newspaper to win a Pulitzer Prize. Its first student-written review was of the quality motion picture “Ice Princess.” It went as follows: begining: grayt. midl: grayt. end: grayt. Although Armstrong’s quality of work will never be quite up to par with the standard set by his classmate, he hopes to strive toward it in years to come. Armstrong’s saying is “knowledge is power,” and this mantra applies to most aspects of his life. Whenever possible, he always tries to inform his friends and colleagues of pertinent issues, although those who truly know him have learned to tune him out.

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An end to the raising of the Confederate flag

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Biloxi, Mississippi on a hot summer day. It was as if a drawl ripped through the sun-ripened air, which was swollen with the weight of the day. Sweltering heat rippled and luffed the horizon, and a colossal Confederate Flag, sitting atop a government building, waved in unison. A black family sits to my right. The […]


Meet the Poets

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On June 2, slam poets from across the Tam District will compete in the annual TUHSD Slam Poetry Competition. Senior Luke Armstrong and sophomore Stevie Becker collaborated with the Redwood team to put their poems to electronic instrumentals. Disclaimer: All bios are satirical. Jason Seavey Known as “Skeevy” to his friends and “Ras the Destroyer” […]


Putting a murderer in jail: civil duty is not heroism

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A grey old man, crippled with age, crouches over a microphone and pleads to a jury for an acquittal. He acts as his own attorney, and presents little to no substantial argument. One hour folds into another, yet he still drones on, inundating the jurors with his lengthy opening argument. His fervor is somewhat understandable […]


Collaborative duo steps up to the plate with Piñata

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Whenever Madlib releases a collaborative work, it is hard for fans not to expect, in the words of fellow StonesThrow signee Jonwayne, “Madvillainy 5 or JayLib 7.” Although his newest LP, Piñata, falls short in a few regards, it is not far off. Before listening to Madlib’s umpteenth album (I’ve lost track at this point), […]

ScHoolboy Q’s third album barely misses mark

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Right off the bat, the title track of ScHoolboy Q’s third studio LP sets the stage for the rest of the album as Q rattles into the hook: “Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta (x4).” To be clear, that’s 24 “gangstas” per hook. ScHoolboy Q doesn’t claim to be an amazing lyricist – that’s not […]

Denny's Grand Slam

The Breakfast Club: Best bests for the most important meal

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At each restaurant, I ordered the closest item on the menu to a Denny’s Grand Slam, which consists of a pancake, meat (sausage or bacon), eggs, and toast. Denny’s was chosen as a control group to which the other restaurants were compared, since it is a popular and widely attended local breakfast restaurant among Redwood […]

MILEY CYRUS sings her heart out in the music video for  her song “Wrecking Ball.”  The video has over 226 million views on YouTube.

She can’t be tamed: Cyrus’ Bangerz reflects reinvented image

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Oh. My. Goodness. Did you see her at the VMA’s? She’s really done it this time, I’ll tell you. I mean seriously, the girl twerked on Robin Thicke. How DARE she. Three years ago, Miley Cyrus released an album, decidedly different from anything she had produced up until that point, aptly entitled: “Can’t Be Tamed.” […]

Freshman basketball player, Blaise Van Brunt, reaches for the rebound during open gym

Freshman basketball summer league wins with a promising team

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This past summer, incoming freshmen boys competed in and won a summer basketball league, coached by recent graduate Joe Compagno. The team, comprised of a number of freshmen boys that fluctuated throughout the summer, went undefeated in the league, beating out MC in the championship round. The team only lost one game, in overtime, in […]


Marin Rowing to race at Nationals

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In the wee hours of the morning, Peter Woolley shovels down an energy bar as he drives to the boathouse, knowing full well that he might throw up the food within an hour. He pulls up early, as usual, and is on the water by 5:40 a.m. Minutes later, the Marin Rowing Club varsity 8+ […]

Five Drake students showcase their club at Redwood during the Sustainability Fair. The fair began with the blood drive and ended with free ice cream.

Sustainability Week yields mixed opinions

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Before Sustainability Week’s long Thursday lunch period even began, a line of students snaked across the concrete walkways of the South Lawn to an organic ice cream stand, and a 31 percent increase in students biking to school left the bike racks more occupied than usual. This year’s Sustainability Week was an event whose purpose […]