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This is Kelly Klein-a senior at Redwood High School. In addition to being involved in the Bark, Kelly also participates in the Varsity girl's tennis team, Peer Resource, the Philosophy Club, and is the current secretary for the Hands 4 Others club. Kelly loves reading and playing tennis, but most of all- of course, writing for the Bark! Her goal at Redwood is to work with the best of her abilities in all of her school activities, but balance out her athletics as well. Kelly hopes to make the most of her next two years at Redwood, and is excited to see what's next for her and the rest of her time in high school.

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Senior Nick Lopez sings his original song, “Back in the Day,” at the Spring Rally last Thursday.

Student’s original song performed at rally

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It’s not at every rally where students get the chance to perform their original music with a professional artist. Senior Nick Lopez performed his song, “Back in the Day,” featuring the professional rapper, Catalyst, and junior Carly Butler at the rally on Thursday, May 22. Lopez came out with his first album, Back in the […]

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The Other Woman proves to be another cliché female revenge film

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Looking for a cliché chick-flick that depicts the epitome of the constant battle of the sexes?  A sassy businesswoman, a quirky housewife and a hot babe work together in The Other Woman to take down a two-timing husband in a typical female revenge film. The film features the headstrong attorney Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) as […]


Local artistic neighborhood thrives

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When driving south over the bridge connecting Sir Francis Drake and Highway 101, a collective of unusual looking buildings sit conspicuously by the water, with slides coming out the second story window, a bicycle balanced in midair, and a homemade rocket ship. A quick glance is the extent of most people’s interaction with Rancho Shazam, […]


Students witness riot at Deltopia Spring Break party

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Thousands of college students and many Redwood students flock to UC Santa Barbara in Isla Vista every April for the annual Spring Break party, Deltopia. This year, however, the party got out of control when a massive riot broke out among the party-goers. According to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office press release, over 100 […]

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That Awkward Moment: not that awkward, just real life

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Going into “That Awkward Moment,” the viewer most likely expects to see the progression of three single man-children falling in love with various one-night stands and becoming mature adults, just as the preview suggests. This is exactly what the viewer will receive, and unfortunately, that’s all. In an extremely predictable plot, three friends, played by […]


Redwood Confessions provides outlet for cyber-bullying

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Cyber-bullying is an issue that our generation seems to inevitably face, regardless of the circumstances.  However, this shouldn’t give anyone the excuse to encourage it. An anonymous Facebook user created the page “Redwood Compliments.”  This page was made to provide the opportunity for students to compliment another student without any names attached.  After sending in […]


Bad Grandpa: The must see comedy of fall

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Johnny Knoxville has always known how to make an audience laugh. Whether the star of the Jackass movies is launching off a ski jump in a go-cart or catapulting his friend in a giant sling-shot, Knoxville has done it all. That is until Bad Grandpa was released last Friday as a spinoff of the Jackass […]


Gallery: Red Ribbon Week DUI Simulation

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On Wednesday, Peer Resource hosted a DUI Simulation with the Twin City Police Authority during lunch.  Students wore goggles simulating the effects of alcohol on vision, and performed sobriety tests and driving simulations.


Gallery: Red Ribbon Week Peer Resource presentation

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Students from Peer Resource pretended to be passed out from alcohol intoxication on Oct. 22 on the CEA stage.  Junior Grayson Noyse and Senior Jose Lasen Baeza volunteered to hand out pledge bracelets and balloons.  Students pledged to remain sober for the week.


After-school jobs provide useful experience

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After school, some students might spend their time doing homework, practicing a sport, or hitting the gym.  However, a few students prioritize their time while being employed in part-time jobs. Juniors Andy Toizer, Alex Dubin, and senior Navid Izadjou are a few students who have chosen to work as well as manage their other priorities. […]