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Josh was born in Santa Monica, CA but has lived in Marin for the last 16 and a half years. He currently is a copy editor for the Redwood Bark. Last year he was a Sports Editor for a semester and Business Manager for a semester, enjoying vary different aspects of the class. Josh has played baseball for almost the last 14 years of his life, including every year of high school so far. He was greatly influenced by his recent trip to London and Paris, becoming an avid Arsenal F.C. supporter and realizing how great it is to live in the United States of America.

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The Radners (Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) talk with Delta Psi Beta president Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron)

Neighbors highlights the comicality of transitioning into the real world

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Getting old is easy, but growing up is not. That is the theme of Nicholas Stoller’s comedy Neighbors, the story of an all-out prank war between a new father in his early thirties and the president of the fraternity next-door. Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) and his wife Kelly (Rose Byrne) move into a new house […]

Sophomore Zach Cohen and other Intermediate Drama members at a dress rehearsal last Saturday.

Intermediate drama play to run this week

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After the Advanced Drama senior class concluded their final play at Redwood just weeks ago with Motherlode, the Intermediate Drama classes will put on their final show this year before they make the leap up to Advanced status. The show, Government Inspector, will run from May 14-18 in the Little Theater. The showtime is 7:30 […]

Senior Jack Bushell and junior Alex Herz film a Redwood TV episode.

Videographer transforms Redwood TV broadcast

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A calm voice says, “Quiet on the set…action.” Fifteen Redwood students start their brisk walk down the corridors of the school and then begin to sprint as they turn the corner from the social studies hallway to the math hallway. Backpedalling, camera in hand, trying to keep pace in front of the screaming stampede is […]

minwagegraphicWEB copy

State minimum wage to rise

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When Jerry Brown was first governor back in 1976, he raised the minimum wage in California from $2.00 an hour to $2.50. Now that he’s back in the governor seat, he’s doing the same thing again. For the first time in over six years, the California minimum wage will be raised, changing from $8.00 an […]


Former graduate heads to coach Superbowl

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Prominent Redwood alumni have accomplished many feats– winning an Academy Award a Pulitzer Prize, almost winning the Indy 500 race, but this Sunday will be a new first for Redwood alum. When Richard Sherman knocked away Colin Kaepernick’s pass intended for Michael Crabtree in the final seconds of last week’s NFC Championship game, Seattle Seahawks […]


Marin County Cops: finding better ways to handle juvenile crime

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In 2010, when the Bark came out with an award-winning series highlighting the high arrest rates of teenagers in Marin, local teens were being arrested at nearly double the rate of any other teens in the Bay Area. Today, however, the arrest rates for Marin teens are down significantly, becoming more similar to the rest […]

Armed civilians: Who are we protecting ourselves from?

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If recent events aren’t enough to spark change in gun reform, I don’t know what will be. Even in Northern California, we cannot escape the terror caused by guns. On Oct. 23, a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in Santa Rosa by police, who thought he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle. It was […]


Giants suffer heart-breaking loss to Tam in MCAL soccer final

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As the referee blew the final whistle to conclude Tam’s 4-3 victory over Redwood in Friday’s MCAL championship, Redwood players could only imagine what could have been. Moments earlier, Tam (13-4-8) had scored the go-ahead goal, sending Redwood (14-2-4) into desperate attack mode as the Giants tried to salvage their dream of an MCAL pennant. […]

Senior Sasha Boussina breaks away from a Branson defender during Game Night.

Boussina leads team with scoring ability

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The question has barely even pierced the air before Sasha Boussina responds. “Give it to me,” he says, explaining the strategy if Redwood needs a goal. A lanky, olive-skinned senior, Boussina is the most prolific goal scorer in all of MCAL. And he knows it. He is quick to tell you that he has scored […]


Game Night Recap: Boys’ Soccer

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After failing to put any points on the board for the majority of the game, Redwood varsity boys’ soccer defeated Branson 1-0 with a goal in the final minutes. In front of a standing and shouting Game Night crowd, forward Sasha Boussina cut across the field and drilled a goal past the goalie into the […]