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Julia Scharf is currently a the Spanish section editor for the Bark. She is a member of the varsity soccer team, debate team, and founder of the Mind Body and Soul club. She loves spending time with friends, family, and baking up a storm!

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Demystifying the private college counselor frenzy

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In an academically competitive environment such as Redwood, the insurmountable pressure to delve into college planning as early as the beginning of junior year or even sooner is felt by many students. Whether self-imposed or influenced by parental expectations and comparisons to one’s peers, the anxiety surrounding college admissions is especially high among upperclassmen. With […]

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Field hockey evolves throughout its first three seasons

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The past three years have been a whirlwind of triumph, defeat, growth and development for the Redwood girls’ field hockey program. This past fall marked its third complete season as an official Redwood sport, giving the players and coaches an opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the program thus far. Junior Erin McCarthy, a […]


Freshman tennis stars light up the new season

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In every sport and every season of every year, there is excitement and anticipation regarding new members who will join the team. This year, the girls’ varsity tennis team welcomed two freshmen, Erin Roddy and Chloe Chang, to fill missing spots on their roster after losing two of their star players. Senior and co-captain Molly […]

Fighting Lyme Disease everyday does not keep sophomore Olivia Cooke from smiling.

A student’s struggle with Lyme Disease

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Everyday, sophomore Olivia Cooke can count on going to school, seeing her friends and experiencing chronic headaches. Cooke has Chronic Lyme Disease, a tick-borne infection that is transferred into a person’s bloodstream when they are bitten by a tick that carries the bacteria. Cooke’s biggest challenge is finding a way to manage being a high […]

Cesar Segundo, Diego Kroell, Dany Elias y Cooper Couton(izquierda a derecha) todos estudiantes de tercer año,  charlan antes de la clase AP Spanish Literature.

Estudiantes de ELD se sienten perdidos fuera de su comunidad

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No es un secreto que ser un nuevo estudiante en una escuela es un reto. Tener que adaptarse a un nuevo ambiente, conocer gente nueva, y encontrar dónde congenias es suficientemente difícil para el adolescente típico. La carga añadida de no conocer el idioma nativo lo amplifica. Estas son las circunstancias de los estudiantes en […]