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Jericho Rajninger is a junior at Redwood High School and is a Nonfiction student. In his free time, Jericho enjoys learning new things and playing trumpet in jazz band.

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The story behind the spice

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A little kick in the back of the throat with a pungent spice that overwhelms the taste buds: this is the tell-tale sign of fresh, high quality olive oil. “Fresh olive oil is super spicy, naturally, and that is great consumer protection,” said Claire Bradley, the current manager of Amphora Nueva. “Try the olive oil […]

Focusing on the task at hand, Lovelady transfers liquids using a micropipette and other lab equipment

Teachers forge own paths from past experiences

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Many students can’t imagine their teachers doing anything but teaching. Running into them at the mall or in San Francisco can be a shock. While some teachers at Redwood have dedicated their entire careers to this institution, others have taken divergent professional paths or must juggle two careers to afford living in the Bay Area. […]


Junior launches organization to help others

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Children often dream of being professional athletes or firefighters. But just the opposite was true for junior Isabella Liu. Possessing a passion for business, Liu aspired to be an entrepreneur throughout middle school. Then, in 2014, during her freshman year at Redwood, her dream became a reality in the form of the organization “Elix.” Elix […]