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What’s Sleep Again?

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It is a Wednesday at Redwood High School, and I am sitting in my first period class at eight in the morning. After observing my fellow classmates, I notice that they are either complaining about being tired or quietly laying their head down on a desk, trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. […]


Bilingual communication helps to foster global connections

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There are 7,097 different languages spoken in the world today according to The Ethnologue, an annual reference publication about world languages. Language is how people express their emotions, desires and hopes. Not only does it impact our daily lives by allowing us to interact locally, it’s the most sophisticated way humans communicate with each other. […]


Former basketball star’s life is reshaped after major back injury

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When you define yourself by your athleticism and popularity, what happens if you lose both? According to Redwood 2015 alumnus Elliot Dean, sometimes you find yourself in the process of reevaluating what truly matters. Elliot, a junior at UCLA, fractured the lower portion of his vertebrae while playing football during his sophomore year of high […]