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Jack Parsons is a Junior at Redwood High School who currently takes The Advanced Journalism Class to write for the bark . He lives in Tiburon, California and enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outside, and playing lacrosse in his free time. At school his favorite subject is History.

Contact Jack Parsons: JParsons@redwoodbark.org.


A big name college does not determine your future

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From the outside, my uncle lives the life of someone who had everything lined up for him. He resides comfortably in Aspen, Colorado, where he runs an upscale Italian restaurant, lives in his own apartment, skiis, mountain bikes and can call Lance Armstrong one of his best friends. If it is not already apparent, he […]

Senior Zach Tull  enjoys a slice of Stefano's pizza at lunch on campus during Sustainability Week.

Leadership promotes South Lawn lunches to encourage students to stay on campus

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It’s finally that time of the year again: the weather is warmer, there is talk of heading out to Stinson after school and sweatshirts are put into backpacks by fourth period. That’s right, summer is just around the corner. With such pleasant weather, it might be expected that students are outside eating and socializing during […]

Junior Gabe Mandossian showcases green beans.

Photo Gallery: Sustainability Week

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Thursday’s grey skies proved no match for the energetic atmosphere of Sustainability Week’s annual lunch fair. Thanks to the efforts of Peer Resource, Sustainable Agriculture, Leadership and independent sustainability-based companies with gadgets such as a  solar-powered phone charger, the South Lawn was transformed into a fun, interactive and informative fair in which students could participate […]

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Track and Field jumps into new season with pole vaulting program

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It’s finally that time of the year when the track and field team gears up hopeful for another strong season of competing in the same events that they have excelled in in the past. However, the team has added something new to the itinerary. The 2018 track and field team will face a significant shift […]

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Girls’ Varsity Basketball topples Terra Linda 74-26

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The girls’ varsity basketball squad (5-0 in MCAL) prevailed during Saturday night’s matchup against Terra Linda (2-3 in MCAL), beating them 74-26. This win changes their record to 13 wins and three losses and secures the team the first place spot in MCALs. Though the girls were able to hold the Trojans to only 26 […]

The winning dish in fourth period: Fried Persimmons with Fried Breaded Mozzarella

Unique fare dishes out at sustainable agriculture’s ‘Iron Chef America’ competition

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Video by Anna Compagno A sizzling noise fills the air as a slice of persimmon meets the hot oil of a heated pan. Once golden brown and caramelized, the slice accompanies breaded mozzarella, a balsamic reduction and a basil leaf. The chefs crafting this unique culinary masterpiece are students in Sustainable Agriculture (Sust. Ag.) participating […]

The team celebrating after Rogans goal on a free kick

Boys Varsity Soccer tops San Marin 1-0

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The boys’ varsity soccer team performed strongly in their game on Saturday Dec. 12, topping the San Marin Mustangs 1-0. This win improves their record to 6-1 after securing another crucial victory against Drake on Wednesday, Dec. 6. So far, the boys’ team is undefeated, despite their official record showing one loss due to a […]

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Sailing remains one of Redwoods Best Kept Secrets

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A briny spray is ejected into the air as the powerful waters of the Raccoon Straight slam into the fiberglass hull of a small, two-man sailboat known as a Flying Junior (FJ). The boat maintains its balance for another ten seconds, but soon enough, a gust of wind along with a simple error overturns the […]


Why Media Coverage on Terrorist Attacks is Biased

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On Oct. 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock carried out the worst mass murder on American soil in modern history, when he shot and killed 59 concert-goers from the 32nd balcony of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Rightfully so, this event made the front page of almost every American publication and received extensive global coverage. […]

Senior Hannah Halford runs down the sideline towards the endzone

Seniors dominate in third annual “Klassy Kickoff” homecoming game

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The senior girls made things look easy on Friday’s third annual “Klassy Kickoff,” defeating the juniors 19-6. For both teams, the game started off shaky, with multiple drives in which they both turned the ball over on downs. However, the momentum shifted after senior Molly Kehoe caught the ball for her team’s first touchdown. The […]