Jack Parsons Reporter

Jack Parsons is a Sophomore at Redwood High School who currently takes the Non-fiction class in hopes to make it in to the Bark next year. He lives in Tiburon, California and enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outside, and playing lacrosse in his free time. At school his favorite subject is History.

Contact Jack Parsons: JParsons@redwoodbark.org.


The who, what, why and how of fake identification

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“Dylan,” a Redwood senior who wishes to remain anonymous, walks into a small family-owned liquor store on a Friday night and picks up a case of beer and a bottle of vodka. He sets everything on the counter, hands over his driver’s license and cash and walks out to his friend’s car waiting in the […]


Marin City’s Target will bring convenience to many in Southern Marin

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In March, Target Corporation moved into the 49,000 square foot building that has remained unoccupied in the Marin Gateway shopping center in Marin City for over a year. The new Target has brought many job opportunities to the Southern Marin area,employing 75 to 100 people. According to Trish Thompson, the manager at the new Target, […]