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Jordan Overmyer is a senior at Redwood. She is excited to be the Sports Editor as she continues her second year on the Bark. During her first year on Bark she was the Business Manager. She enjoys getting to immerse herself into learning about the people and places in her community through journalism. She has a identical twin, Jocelyn, who is also an editor this year. Outside of Bark, Jordan plays soccer, golf, and swims for Redwood and club teams.

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Jack Spalding (right) expresses his love for Cindy (played by Ally Orrick)

Planet Z: Drama starts the year with an outlandish musical comedy

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When a zombie says, “Hey, I’m about to be shot by a laser beam!” during EPiC’s show Planet Z, the audience is invited to take a balloon from the bag they will be given, blow it up, and release it into the air filling the theater with laser beam noises. Audience members will receive a […]


Mr. Minhondo: Rocking Redwood

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Mr. Minhondo, Film Focus and World Cultures/Geography teacher, talks about his experiences in a punk rock band and his passion for music.

Directing an egg drop for their first project, teachers Cathy Flores-Marsh and Stephen Hart combine freshman classes to foster cross-disciplinary learning.

Teachers create a new dual teaching program for freshmen

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English teacher Cathy Flores-Marsh and social studies teacher Stephen Hart teamed up in a new academic program this year by combining their freshmen classes to create more of a connection between history and literature. During fifth and sixth period, the roughly 50 students in this program are scheduled for both Hart and Flores-Marsh. Half of […]

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Redwood celebrates two decades of Honors Biomed

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In 1996, eighteen students took a risk by signing up for a class that had never been offered: Honors Biomedical Sciences. Twenty years later, it seems as if that risk has paid off, as Honors Biomed has become one of the most prestigious classes at Redwood.


Employers explain benefits and downsides to student employees

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With summer around the corner, many students are beginning to look for jobs. They put away the textbooks and look to fill their open schedule with a summer job. However, people often don’t think about what the employer’s perspectives are on having high school students in the workplace. “One of the things I really like […]


Concussions on the rise in youth and professional sports

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Concussions on the rise in youth and professional sports NFL’s concussion problem persists Hall of Famer and former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2002. It was later revealed in an autopsy performed by Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist and neuropathologist, that Webster had developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy […]


Former Tam High Spanish teacher joins foreign language department

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Marie Noelle Hicks joined the Redwood community as a Spanish teacher on Oct. 5 after the previous teacher, Gilda Obrador, moved to Indiana to join her husband, who left for a job opportunity. Obrador finished teaching on Sept. 29 after the first grading period had already passed. Hicks taught Spanish and French for 13 years […]