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Jacob Olson is a senior attending Redwood High School. He is a way better Jacob than the one from Twilight could ever even hope to be. He hails from the lands of Hawaii, where he spent his adventurous childhood. He even found the possibility of being a Power Ranger or a Pokémon trainer as his future career, but learned by the age of 9 that that wouldn't happen. Though crushed by this realization, he still finds that it is possible to have an adventurous, yet accomplished, future as an adult. As a teenager who's childhood is slowly slipping away from him, he must embark on a journey to find what life is really about. His favorite motto: "The meaning of life is to give life a meaning."

Contact Jacob Olson: jolson@redwoodbark.org.

Ms. Meadows

Pursuit of Passion: Two retiring teachers to delve into the arts

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June 11 is not the last day for just seniors.  This year, seven staff members—Gary DeTore, Karen Meadows, Virginia Ferguson, Becky Matsubara, Joe Hevera, Jackie Lucero, and Levi Hooks—will retire to pursue their passions, be with their families, and have new experiences. The Bark sat down with two of these seven retirees to learn about their […]

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Desk Jams: Edition 8 – Parker Addison

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Desk Jams, Edition 8, presents sophomore Parker Addison, a pianist and vocalist performing his original song, “Peace.”

The smart train will be making its way to Marin by the end of 2016. The train will run through Larkspur.

New SMART train cars being tested

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Three weeks ago, SMART’s first two-car train arrived and went under static testing, a form of software testing in which the program’s code and associated documentation is being examinated. Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is a voter-approved, 70-mile train from Larkspur to Cloverdale, a city in Sonoma. Each train set has capacity for up to […]

HEALTH and Wellness Campus for Foster Care in San Rafael, the location of the orientation

Growing foster parent shortage affects local community

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At any given time, 75 to 100 Marin County children in the child welfare system require foster care, according to Marin Health & Human Services. Foster children in Marin range from newborns to 18-year-olds, from victims of abuse and neglect to children who lived in unsafe living conditions, and from children needing temporary care to […]