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Jacob Klionsky is a junior at Redwood High School and is Reporter for The Redwood Bark. He loves to play golf and watch football on the weekend with friends.

Contact Jacob Klionsky: JKlionsky@redwoodbark.org.


College Essays

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In this series, the Bark’s Remarks explored college essays. Seniors read and discussed their favorite college essay with us. You can find this podcast and more by visiting the Redwood Bark on Soundcloud.

Dancers line-up in the middle of a sequence

The Tam Twirlers bring back a lost gem from the 70s

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Upbeat music hums lightly in the background as the Tam Twirlers shuffle onto the dance floor and into their starting positions. As the caller yells out different commands, each pair of square dancers steps to the rhythm. After a sequence of commands, the dancers return to their starting positions in perfect harmony and await their […]


Kurakin proves that effort trumps talent

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As a seven-year-old growing up in Khabarovsk, Russia, all Ivan Kurakin wanted to do was swim like his older brother. Every opportunity he had, Kurakin found a way to swim and to work on his craft. Eleven years later, Kurakin continues to push his body to its limits. A member of both North Bay Aquatics […]

Julia Guisti rises and shoots over a MC defender

Girls’ basketball stays undefeated in victory over Marin Catholic

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With Redwood leading 23-22 at half time, it seemed as if the rivalry game against Marin Catholic (MC) would be a a nail-biter to the final buzzer. However, after having halftime to recuperate, Redwood’s girls basketball pulled away thanks to stout team defense and offensive dominance by junior Jenny Walker. In the end Redwood handily […]

#5 Sophia Curtaz strikes a corner kick in the first half

Girls’ soccer outshines Marin Catholic

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On Wednesday, Jan. 17. the girls’ varsity soccer team handedly defeated the Marin Catholic (MC) Wildcats 5-0 to improve their MCAL record to 7-2 overall. After a tough 2-0 loss to Branson this last weekend, the girls’ team beat down on the Wildcat’s, keeping their hopes of a championship victory alive. From the get-go, the […]


What compels Redwood surfers to chase the swell?

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Although we live just a 20 minute drive from the ocean, surfing isn’t as common as one might guess for a coastal California high school like Redwood. In contrast to notions of many Southern California high schools, Redwood has only a small group of students who surf on a consistent basis. Because of this, there […]


Boys soccer is off to a strong start after a disappointing season

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After a disappointingly early exit in both the MCAL and NCS playoffs last year, the boys’ varsity soccer team is looking to rebound this season, using the team’s experience and chemistry as a way to gain an edge over their opponents. Senior co-captain Eamon Rogan, a four-year varsity player, has gained insight over his high […]


Sports Spotlight: Gillian Wagner brings much more than championships to the cross country team

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Believe it or not, senior cross country captain Gillian Wagner wasn’t always a runner. In fact, it wasn’t until freshman year that Wagner began consistently running cross country. After some early accomplishments, caring teammates and a supportive coach, Wagner knew that cross country would stick with her. “Having success early on definitely helped me realize […]

#10 Ashley Lamar shoots on goal

Varsity girls’ water polo outlasts Terra Linda despite “smoke break”

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After a week and a half of poor air quality preventing the varsity girls’ water polo team from practicing, they bounced back in a 7-4 win over Terra Linda this past Thursday. Although the Trojans pounced to an early 2-1 lead, multiple goals from senior captains Caitlin Donnelly and Ashley Lamar shifted the match and […]


Re-assessing sports: Do you play for the right reasons?

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It was my first T-ball game. As a six-year-old, I wasn’t worried about winning, emailing scouts or getting recruited to college; I was just there to have fun. Sure, it was always exciting to play well, impress your peers and maybe help your team win, but that was never my first priority. I played baseball […]