Jason Fieber Former Staff

A second-generation Barkie, Jason begins his Bark career as a junior struggling to escape the shadow cast by his older brother Michael, who liked to think he was God’s gift to high school journalism. In his effort to make a name for himself in the big bad world, Jason spends much of his time asking his Cross Country/Track and Field teammates to “Please slow down,” and vehemently refusing to eat, or acknowledge the existence of, non-name brand cereal. Aside from his academic pursuits, Jason enjoys playing basketball in an attempt to emulate his idol, Kent Bazemore.

Contact Jason Fieber: jfieber@redwoodbark.org.

Senior Zach Babikian peers over the net during the team's playoff matchup against Branson.

Boys’ tennis team wraps up third consecutive MCAL title

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The boys’ tennis team’s historic dominance of the MCAL realm has come to a peak once again over the last three years. On April 28, the team captured the MCAL playoff championship with a 7-2 win over Tamalpais. Despite winning the playoff title the past two years, this was the first year that the boys’ […]

Violent campus protests challenge core American values

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An appearance on Feb. 1 by Milo Yiannopoulos, an infamous member of the alt-right movement and former Breitbart editor, turned the UC Berkeley campus into a site for protest against Yiannopoulos. The protests eventually turned to a few on the campus attacking those waiting to hear Yiannopoulos’ speech. The response from Berkeley residents is not […]


Alumnus becomes one of California’s youngest real estate agents

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“I don’t really act like a normal 18-year-old.” Miles Daly is putting it lightly. The 2016 Redwood graduate is leagues ahead of his peers as he has become one of the youngest real estate agents in California. Daly has been developing his interest in the real estate industry for much of his life, and, after […]

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The Niche: Redwood’s rock climbing community

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Suspended three stories in the air, gripping cliffs with chalk-covered hands, Juniors Zach Martinez and Garrett Straschnov endure the challenges of rock climbing. The two have taken on the sport due to its uniqueness and thrill. While Straschnov enjoys the adrenaline-filled heights and leveled difficulty of Planet Granite’s walls in San Francisco, Martinez furthers his difficulty and […]


Girls’ cross country to return to state meet after successful NCS showing

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The girls’ cross country team continued their historically successful season by finishing second at the NCS championships. The Giants were beat only by Campolindo High School, who won its fourth straight NCS title. The girls’ team finished the day with 228.5 points,only 13 points short of Campolindo’s total. The continued success of top runners Glennis […]


Boys cross country cruises through NCS to state meet

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The boys’ cross country team turned in an impressive performance in the NCS Division III meet, capturing second place and cementing 2016 as one of the the most successful in Redwood history on November 19. The team finished only seven points behind Campolindo, who took first for the fourth consecutive season. Sophomore Liam Anderson backed […]

DRIBBLING THE BALL, junior Omar Elliott-Diab prepares to drive past senior Brendan Shepard. It is Shepard’s third year on varsity for Redwood.

Boys’ basketball shoots for MCAL championship

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When five basketball players step onto a court together, they need to act as a unit rather than individuals in order to have success. This year, the boys’ varsity players are hoping to create even more than that on the court—a family. Redwood has an optimistic outlook coming off one of its most successful campaigns […]


Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term

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Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term   With the end of  President Obama’s second presidential term and the relative stagnation of political progress, the question comes up of the effectiveness of our current system for presidential terms. The possibility of serving one six-year presidential term has been a popular idea to potentially avoid the pitfalls of […]

Illustration by Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan

Point, Counter-Point: Kneeling for the anthem

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Point, Counter-Point: Kneeling for the anthem   It’s the anthem sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit, kneel or do anything but stand in honor during the national anthem has inspired thousands of professional and young athletes to do the same, while others argue that the unpatriotic protest is unproductive and disrespectful. Thus far, neither […]

Dixon (left) and Alex (right) Aguero are playing on the same football team for the first time in their lives, despite both playing for seven years.

Aguero brothers ready to spur Giants’ MCAL run

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Football, perhaps more than any other sport, is best played by those endowed with pathological competitiveness. Having a rival to compete against helps foster that sense of competition and makes nearly any football player better. Dixon and Alex Aguero’s competitive drive was built on something more than a simple rivalry. It’s built, quite literally, on […]