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Bella is a senior at Redwood High School and a second year Barkie. For extracurricular activities Bella participates in cross country in the fall, while also enjoying playing the piano. Her other interests consist of listening to music, cooking not so good food, and spending time with friends and family.

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Former Redwood student Casey Brooks ended her life in late January of 2008. Pictured above, Brooks was 17 years old when she passed away. Her father, John Brooks, writes about his daughter’s life in his novel, “The Girl Behind the Door.”

Memoir reflects local family obstacles and former student’s suicide

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As students in Marin County, we are all too familiar with destinations such as the Rainbow Tunnel, the Golden Gate Bridge and, of course, Redwood High School. Marin resident John Brooks’ nonfiction novel, “The Girl Behind the Door,” follows the life of his adopted daughter, Casey, and the consequences of her unknown childhood trauma. Casey […]

Chief’s Farewell — Bella McWhorter

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Growing up, I moved a lot. I lived in Phoenix, Carmel and now Marin, all the while hopping from house to house. I made friends and lost them to distance. I found interests in basketball, cross country, piano, flute, acting, soccer, and lost them with each transfer to a new school. Nonetheless, my first year […]


Outpouring of support for drama dept. in face of state bill

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A recent bill put forward to the California State Assembly by the California School Employees Association has become a concerning matter for drama departments across Marin, prompting action from both drama teachers and students. Currently in the process of being revised, the bill, AB 1066, would prohibit short-term employees, who work 75 percent or less […]


Life behind the lens: Couple shares passion for photography

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Senior Olivia Runnfeldt walks through an abandoned, drained pool. With her camera bag slung over her shoulder, she skirts around an unwanted couch and stops to snap a picture of the graffiti decorating the pool walls. Photoshoots like this are a regularity in Runnfeldt’s life. “I’ve always been really interested in photography and how pictures […]

selma cartoon

Racial discrimination undercuts Academy Awards’ value

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This year’s Academy Awards proved an unfortunate event for our history books and a stain on our society’s racial achievements, as not one African American was nominated for any of the four acting categories in the Oscars. This may not seem to be a problem, as it is assumed the best candidates are nominated for […]

Famous Youtuber Grace Helbig released her first book, "The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown Up," which gives life advice to high school and college students

Famous YouTuber helps students into college and beyond

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“Grace’s Guide, the Art of Pretending to Be a Grown Up,” is famous YouTuber Grace Helbig’s first book. It consists of hilarious anecdotes from her personal misadventures that are completely relatable if the words, “Yes, I have embarrassed myself before” have ever come up, and includes a surprising amount of educational advice on how to […]

Junior Isaac Perper kicks a soccer ball, senior Christine Cook plays goalie, junior Hayden Dean shoots a basket, and junior Nate Orwig spikes a volleyball.

The spending game: Keeping track of athletic budgets

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The buzzer rings and the crowd roars. Another Redwood pennant to hang in a gym already decked with banners of athletic success. As the team rushes the court in victory, their matching uniforms, team shoes, and team bags stand out in the background. According to the 2013-2014 TUSHD Athletic Report, 1,045 Redwood students participated in […]

NICK DUNNE (Ben Affleck) is interrogated by police about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of his wife Amy (Roasmund Pike) in the film “Gone Girl”.

‘Gone Girl’ showcases enthralling acting and suspense

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Film adaptations have the unfortunate tendency to support the all too often repeated phrase, “The book was better.” Gone Girl, first and foremost a book written by author Gillian Flynn, refuted this assumption, as it is both an impressive film and  novel. Gone Girl follows the mystery case of the apparent disappearance of Amy Dunne […]

DURING AN AAU club basketball tournament over the summer, sophomore Jaiana Harris injured her ACL, forcing  her to sit out this upcoming Redwood season while she rests for the six-month to one-year recovery period.

Injuries to ACL restrict athletes

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It can happen to any athlete in a matter of milliseconds. One instant you’re sprinting down the court during a fastbreak, your eyes focused on the basket, and the next instant you’re lying on the floor with your knee ligament, the ACL, torn and now useless.  Sophomore Jaiana Harris made a significant impression on both […]

Freshman Magali de Bruyn laughs at a joke made during Body Positive Club on Tuesday.

New club promotes positive body image

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Following a two day training funded by the ASB and PTSA, the Body Positive Club will train the majority of the faculty this coming year on how to help students battle their negative body image. On March 7 and March 8, club president Caroline Noble and co-president Julia Cherner used the $2000 grant to take […]