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Individual’s can’t be quantified by bubbling in letters

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In high school, you are allotted four years to earn academic grades by working hard in your classes. This hard work should in turn secure you a spot into one of the colleges of your choice. Ah, if only it were that simple. A dark cloud hovers over students when the first bell rings junior […]

The sophomore cabinet is shocked after being pied in the face.

Spring rally bids seniors farewell

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Today, the final spring rally commenced, consisting of several activities that wrapped up the past four years. The rally began with senior Katie Israel singing the national anthem. Following Israel’s performance, the sophomore cabinet was pied in the face by their sophomore peers for raising the most money for LARCOD, a nonprofit community-based organization in […]

Jensen pitches the ball.

Despite a late start Jensen thrives on the softball field

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Senior Catherine Jensen didn’t begin her softball career as a pitcher until her freshman year. Even with this late start, in November of 2017, Catherine’s talent and hard work secured her a spot on a Division I college softball team at the University of Dayton in Ohio. “I’d say my biggest strength is probably my […]


Role Reversals

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In this series of the Bark’s Remarks we explored role reversals. We asked individuals who normally receive advice to give advice instead. You can find these five podcasts and more by visiting the Redwood Bark on SoundCloud.

A house for sale.

House prices inhibit diversity and a community feel

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Housing prices in Marin are not the same as they were a few decades ago. Fiona Allan, an English teacher at Redwood and Marin native, estimated that when she was growing up, houses in Marin used to sell for about $35,000 to $40,000. According to the Marin IJ, the average price of a Marin home […]

The crowd screams as Alex Diaz scores a half-court buzzer-beater shot.

Buzzer-beater, Unified team and Make a Wish spice up winter rally

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On Thursday, Feb. 1, Redwood students were packed shoulder to shoulder, standing proudly in their grade section for the winter student showcase rally. Enthusiasm and school spirit radiated throughout the main gym during the rally, which is a highly-awaited and popular event as it only happens three times per school year. To start off the […]


Redwood unified team scores victory against San Marin

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On Friday, Jan. 26, the buzzer sounded loudly, securing a well-fought victory against San Marin for Redwood’s Unified Basketball Team. The Unified Basketball Team is derived from the Special Ed program, allowing students enrolled in the program to play basketball and compete against other schools’ Unified programs. San Marin began the game strong and immediately […]

Fall leaves cover the exterior of Yuzu Ramen and Taproom

Yuzu gotta have it!

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Veering off of San Rafael’s main avenue onto 4th street, a sign covered by red and orange leaves displays the name Yuzu Ramen and Taproom. With an outside patio, indoor-outdoor dining space and large paneled windows, the modern restaurant looks enticing. Several televisions broadcast sports games, while the waiters buzz around efficiently. From the intimate […]

The Francis Scott Key Annex, a school district property, is being converted into 100 to 150 teacher housing units

Staff members support San Francisco’s teacher housing project

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The Redwood community is a place that is valued. Due to Marin’s high housing prices, teachers in our community are forced to live elsewhere. The SF teacher housing project has Redwood High School teachers hoping the same will happen in our community. According to Business Outsider, over the past decade, housing prices in San Francisco […]

Laughing together in their workspace, Grant Barnes  (left) and Zach Tull (right) discuss their daily agenda for their business Peer Tutor

By students, for students tutoring business gains ground

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August 2016 marked the takeoff of the student-run tutoring business, Peer Tutor, founded by senior Zachary Tull and Redwood alumnus Grant Barnes, who earned his GED in 2016. Both students launched Peer Tutor to give students the help they need at an affordable price. “We are trying to provide access to mentors and high school […]