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Men shy away from woman dominated sport

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Historically, cheerleading has been a female-dominated sport, an image which has only been perpetuated in its portrayal in television, movies and via social media. As a result, the male population has turned their attention elsewhere. There are no boys on the Redwood cheerleading team. Captain of the varsity cheerleading team, senior Evie Kiefuss, described the […]

A Redwood student is taken in the middle of the night by "Big Mike," and then taken to wilderness therapy.

Into the wild: sobriety through nature

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Unlike the typical hour-long session on a psychologist’s couch, wilderness therapy is a ground-breaking mode of treatment that fits our time and our Redwood community. “I was picked up in the middle of the night by private escorts,” anonymous Redwood alumni “John” said while recounting his forty-five day experience in Muir Woods Therapy. These alternative […]