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Fall leaves cover the exterior of Yuzu Ramen and Taproom

Yuzu gotta have it!

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Veering off of San Rafael’s main avenue onto 4th street, a sign covered by red and orange leaves displays the name Yuzu Ramen and Taproom. With an outside patio, indoor-outdoor dining space and large paneled windows, the modern restaurant looks enticing. Several televisions broadcast sports games, while the waiters buzz around efficiently. From the intimate […]

The Francis Scott Key Annex, a school district property, is being converted into 100 to 150 teacher housing units

Staff members support San Francisco’s teacher housing project

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The Redwood community is a place that is valued. Due to Marin’s high housing prices, teachers in our community are forced to live elsewhere. The SF teacher housing project has Redwood High School teachers hoping the same will happen in our community. According to Business Outsider, over the past decade, housing prices in San Francisco […]

Laughing together in their workspace, Grant Barnes  (left) and Zach Tull (right) discuss their daily agenda for their business Peer Tutor

By students, for students tutoring business gains ground

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August 2016 marked the takeoff of the student-run tutoring business, Peer Tutor, founded by senior Zachary Tull and Redwood alumnus Grant Barnes, who earned his GED in 2016. Both students launched Peer Tutor to give students the help they need at an affordable price. “We are trying to provide access to mentors and high school […]

In fear, Tree screams.

Don’t judge a movie by its poster

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A movie theater is a welcoming place that is supposed to be an escape, where people can pass the time with friends and enjoy a captivating, funny or dramatic of film. As a teenage girl, the most memorable and drama-filled movie for me was “Mean Girls,” and ever since that groundbreaking movie, all else has […]

Harris passionately strums his guitar

TJ Harris turns Redwood’s hallways into his musical playground

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A distorted BlackStar amp and a Jackson guitar ring proudly through the Redwood hallways and outdoor areas. An original sound of a metal mix dominates the airwaves, stemming from an individual’s love and commitment to music. Senior T’Juan Harris, more commonly known as “TJ,” has a passion for music that is apparent to anyone who […]

Sophomore Elliot Gorham banks off the wall

Skating daredevil uses sport as a form of meditation

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A skateboard and a pair of Vans are the only two objects that sophomore Elliot Gorham needs in order to feel free and gain a sense of self. Growing up, Elliot was inspired by his brother’s love of skateboarding and subsequently fell in love with the adventure and social aspect of it. “You can do […]


Junior’s love of nature sparks a passion for agriculture

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As students mosey by the farm on their way to P.E., perhaps not paying it any attention, junior Tommy Freiburger passionately tends to the garden, just as he has for the past two years. Freiburger joined the Sustainable Agriculture class his sophomore year because he wanted to be involved in a class that was outside […]


Men shy away from woman dominated sport

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Historically, cheerleading has been a female-dominated sport, an image which has only been perpetuated in its portrayal in television, movies and via social media. As a result, the male population has turned their attention elsewhere. There are no boys on the Redwood cheerleading team. Captain of the varsity cheerleading team, senior Evie Kiefuss, described the […]

A Redwood student is taken in the middle of the night by "Big Mike," and then taken to wilderness therapy.

Into the wild: sobriety through nature

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Unlike the typical hour-long session on a psychologist’s couch, wilderness therapy is a ground-breaking mode of treatment that fits our time and our Redwood community. “I was picked up in the middle of the night by private escorts,” anonymous Redwood alumni “John” said while recounting his forty-five day experience in Muir Woods Therapy. These alternative […]