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Girl Scout cookie sales come to a close

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Girl Scout cookie season is underway, and whether it’s the cool minty chocolate covered Thin Mints or the sweet caramel and crunchy toasted coconut of a Samoa, the cookies have become an iconic and delicious staple of American culture. For this year’s sales, the two Girl Scout cookie bakers, ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, […]

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Caffeine and teenagers: The battle to stay awake

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When Lauren Wickham was younger, her parents only needed to remind her to bring her lunch box and an extra sweater to school in case she got cold. Now a sophomore in high school, Wickham no longer needs to be reminded about clothes, but instead needs to reminds herself to bring her Starbucks card so […]

Assistant principal Larry Pratt began working at Redwood this year. He has been involved in education since 2004.

New assistant principal joins the staff

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This year, Redwood welcomes a new member to its community as assistant principal Larry Pratt joins the staff. Pratt’s career began in 2004, when he worked as a math teacher at Oakland Tech High School. From there, he taught all over the East Bay before landing at Redwood. Pratt said that he never actually made […]