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Dipsea Race reaches 104th year

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The racers emerge from the trail, splattered in dirt and blood. Their faces express the exhaustion of the past 7.4 miles, but miraculously, their bodies continue to pick up speed. Each runner pushes to be the next added to the distinct list of people who can call themselves Dipsea Race finishers. Sunday, June 8, will […]


Bell schedule changes proposed

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What would you want to see changed in Redwood’s bell schedule? Longer lunch breaks and a 9am start? While these extravagant suggestions most likely won’t happen, there is a chance that next year’s schedule will be different than it is now. A committee of teachers is currently proposing changes to the bell schedule for the […]

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Preview to Micetro preformance

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“Who will win the cheese? It’s up to you to decide.” These are the words plastering the hallways urging students to attend this year’s production of Micetro, an improvisational show that will be presented by the EPiC theater group over the next five days. The show, comprised entirely of improvisational skits, allows 16 actors to […]