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Emily Sweet Editor in Chief

Emily Sweet is exceptionally excited to be an Editor-in-Chief this year! In her free time she loves accidentally exiting out of the Spotify app while music is playing, listening to bad puns about her last name and contemplating the validity of the oxford comma. Exclusive facts: she has bunny slippers named Woodward and Bernstein and is an avid Eagles fan.

Contact Emily Sweet: esweet@redwoodbark.org.


Stop being neutral about net neutrality

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Two weeks ago when I heard the term “net neutrality” for the first time, I thought my sister had mispronounced a word under her newly acquired (and quite possibly faked) midwestern accent on her first weekend home from college. Now, after a few weeks, hours of research and a great deal of thinking, I am […]

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Best of 2017

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The Bark reviewed a collection of books, TV series, movies, albums and podcasts to top off 2017. To read the full story, click below.

Junior Hunter Bueman takes aim.

Redwood’s hunters aim to educate

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Sophomore Delaney Anderson smears camouflage paint on her cheeks to match her full-body disguise. After loading a book, cookies and her .243 rifle into the Jeep, Anderson heads out to her assigned deer stand. She gingerly sprinkles the cookies near the deer feeder, a unique trick acquired since elementary school, and sits down to wait […]


Yoga poses calming way to connect with mind and body

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Alison Hammond Castro’s bare feet routinely wove through rows of yoga mats, periodically stopping to adjust students or ground herself at Fresh Yoga in Connecticut this summer, where she focused on yoga from the early hours of the morning until dusk. For a month, Hammond Castro helped aspiring yoga teachers earn a Forrest Yoga certification. […]


Realize the real lies of reality TV

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It was only the fourth hour of my newfound sense of upperclassmen immunity when a freshman boy pushed me into a locker. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration. It turned out it was all a misunderstanding: his friend pushed him, and he bumped into me and I slammed into a locker. Although the specifics of the […]


Applying to college from your younger sister’s perspective

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My sister sits at our kitchen counter with her fourth cup of coffee on one side of her laptop and a bowl of jiffy-pop on the other. As she eats, the ultimate pressure weighs on her: filling out her college applications while staying true to herself and keeping everything professional. “What’s the fifth song on […]


Epidemic of copying homework catalyzed by technology

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What is it that leads students to neglect their own thoughts and brainlessly transcribe someone else’s for a passing grade? Similar to the bubonic plague, smallpox and Ebola, copying homework is the next epidemic, and it’s already here. The March Bark survey found that 80 percent of Redwood students copy homework at least once a […]


Evaluating the dangers of late night comedy

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On Oct. 11, 1975, the first episode of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) aired on NBC. Ever since then, SNL has led the way in political satire and late night comedy, from Chevy Chase’s portrayal of clumsy Gerald Ford to Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. With the present increase of media, SNL and late night comedy have […]

Currently a therapist, Lauren Ogren has also worked as a spin instructer, bartender, and matchmaker.

Alumna’s journey to helping teens through therapy

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Lauren Ogren sips her fruity tea, her eyes crinkling from her smile. The room around her is filled with laughter and peace. Ogren, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), said she begins each day ready for what is ahead. “Every day is really different. I never know what’s going to kind of come at me,” Ogren […]