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Emily Sweet Editor in Chief

Emily Sweet is exceptionally excited to be an Editor-in-Chief this year! In her free time she loves accidentally exiting out of the Spotify app while music is playing, listening to bad puns about her last name and contemplating the validity of the oxford comma. Exclusive facts: she has bunny slippers named Woodward and Bernstein and is an avid Eagles fan.

Contact Emily Sweet: esweet@redwoodbark.org.

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Striking off opportunities for inmates

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What can I buy with 40 cents? Not much. That’s a decision incarcerated men and women in California make daily. Despite a honest good-days worth of work, they earn 40 cents an hour, a whopping 3.6 percent of California’s minimum wage for the rest of us. For decades, prisoners have been working while incarcerated. Whether […]


“A Higher Loyalty” wows …. After 200 pages

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“A short time later, with a serious look on his face,  [Trump] said, ‘I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,’” wrote former FBI director James Comey is his new biography, “A Higher Loyalty.” “A Higher Loyalty” was a bestseller before it was even released, based on the sheer number of preorders, according to CNN. The biography, […]

Junior Keaton Ferguson created the communism club earlier this year.

Analyzing Shrek’s fascist regime: Redwood’s communism club

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According to the members of the Communism Club, their club has existed for “an eternity.” Whether the tight-knit group is debating the political and economic state of the world, listening to the Red Army Choir or playfully contemplating whether or not to add “or else” into their club slogan, the Communism Club is truly unlike […]

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Curb your enthusiasm and get out of that car

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As I sat against the wall wondering why I wore a dress, wondering how I ended up so close to the random kid who sits two seats behind me, thinking that we might as well say our vows now and wondering about each of my life’s decisions, I prayed that I would never have to […]

Redwood's team walks back to the dugout after a disheartening game.

Varsity baseball faces demoralizing loss against Tam

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This past Tuesday, May 1, Redwood’s varsity baseball team suffered a 12-1 loss against Tamalpais High School (Tam), moving Redwood into fifth place in MCAL with an overall record of 13-6-1. Though the Giant’s offense and defense were satisfactory, a lengthy pitching predicament put Redwood at a disadvantage, resulting in Tam’s victory. Redwood and Tam […]


Role Reversals

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In this series of the Bark’s Remarks we explored role reversals. We asked individuals who normally receive advice to give advice instead. You can find these five podcasts and more by visiting the Redwood Bark on SoundCloud.


Freedom of Expression

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To listen to the podcasts in the Freedom of Expression series, visit the Redwood Bark on SoundCloud.


Redwood after dark

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Whether students know about Redwood’s athletics because of their own participation or their opinions about Varsity Lacrosse’s bold hair choice, most are at least somewhat aware of the various sports and athletic practices that occur in the afternoon. However, the numerous night classes offered at Redwood are less well-known. All throughout the week, Redwood’s campus […]


Where is the Love?

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To listen to all seven podcasts in the Where is the Love series, visit the Redwood Bark on SoundCloud

The exhibit is on display until March 25.

Embroidery offers unique history, but fails to capture lasting interest

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“Embroidery is both old and new. It is found in most cultures, in all parts of the world, worked by men and women of all ages,” travelguru Mary Gostelow wrote in her novel, “A World of Embroidery.” This quote is prominently written on the walls of the de Young’s Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions […]