Eislyn Snyder Cub Writer

Eislyn Snyder is a sophomore at Redwood High School and a Cub writer for the Redwood Bark. She loves to hang out with her friends, write, and debate.

Contact Eislyn Snyder: esnyder@redwoodbark.org.

Senior Jake Hanssen smiling with excitement after Wednesday's JSA meeting, the last gathering before the first convention of the year, Fall State,  commences on Friday

Teen political organization JSA allows Jake Hanssen to fulfill his fervor for politics

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With a slight tremble and rapid heartbeat, senior Jake Hanssen stands at the 2017 Spring State Convention, anxiously awaiting the results of the election that would determine the next year’s statewide student leaders. Hearing the votes of the Redwood chapter that had unanimously voted for him brought him near to tears. Not long after, he […]