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Editorial: Jolly Roger caught in bureaucratic clash

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Drake’s student-run newspaper, The Jolly Roger, has hit rough waters in the past year and it is essential that we stand by them in their fight to publish. Earlier this semester, the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) eliminated the position of the classified staff member running the district print shop (see page 1 for […]


Editorial: Media plays a vital role in democracy

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Journalists are many things—inquisitive, determined, sometimes even annoying. But dishonest? Definitely not. After all, journalists are dedicated to reporting the truth and providing information to the public. So when President Donald Trump called journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on earth” following his inauguration two weeks ago, it not only echoed the same vitriolic […]


Editorial: Prevalent parking problem persists

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This school year, it’s become common for cars to pour into the Redwood parking lots at about 7:40 a.m., 15 minutes before the first school bell rings, only to encounter hordes of cars circling around, searching for a space. The lots are filled with vehicles––parents dropping off children in front of the gym, staff members […]


Editorial: District should charter bus for Marin City students

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In the past two years, students from Marin City have voiced concern to assistant principals about the distance they must walk from the bus stop to Redwood. Currently, students who take the bus from Marin City are dropped off at the Lucky Drive bus pad, 0.6 miles from school, whereas students from Tiburon and East […]

"Up next on the Real Housewives of Washington D.C...

Focus on the issues, not insults

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Since January, presidential candidates have received an extreme amount of media coverage, most of which has to do with the insults candidates have been slinging at each other. The sheer audacity and number of these insults have made this election season feel more like a raucous sitcom than a presidential race. The American people are […]

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In defense of wellness

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  The doors of the Wellness Center finally opened to the Redwood student body on Jan. 15, marking the commencement of a brand new resource that offers services to promote physical, mental and sexual health. It was a major step toward combating the oft-ignored issues of mental illness and other taboo topics such as substance […]


Editorial: Enforce rules, not suggestions

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Principal David Sondheim sent a set of guidelines to the Redwood community about the week preceding final exams, formerly known as “Quiet Week” or “Dead Week,” on Jan. 19. The guidelines for the week, now called “Study Week,” were discussed and approved by the school’s Site Council, a group primarily comprised of students, parents, staff […]


Je Suis Beirut?

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As news of the massacre in Paris surfaced late Friday, Nov. 13, social media support for the city and the victims began to take different forms. Some people voiced their sorrow through Instagram and Facebook posts, writing short paragraphs to offer their support for victims. “Pray for Paris.” Others chose to voice their solidarity by […]


Amid atrocities and killings, Americans must forego their right to arms

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“It’s my son’s birthday today,” pleaded 30-year old veteran Chris Mintz after he was shot three times by a shooter at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, who proceeded to shoot him four more times. Ten people died that day in a tragedy that could have been prevented—just one of many mass shootings that illustrate the […]

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Editorial: Patience with the dress code wears thin

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August 23 marked the eighth annual GoToplessDay, an event where women in more than 60 cities across the world exposed their breasts in an effort to desexualize the female body as part of the Free the Nipple Campaign. Free the Nipple is a movement founded by filmmaker and equality activist Lina Esco that aims to […]