Daniela Schwartz Editor in Chief (Print)

Daniela is a junior at Redwood who is excited to be Sports Editor of the Bark this semester. She likes the beach, water related sports, learning about different cultures, and eating Portuguese pastries.

Contact Daniela Schwartz: dschwartz@redwoodbark.org.


AP tests should be more accessible to students of all income levels

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I understand the difficulties of trying to afford AP tests when a family has limited amounts of money to spend on testing. With four kids in my family, and three of us at Redwood, eight AP tests was a high toll to pay, totaling to almost $750. Fortunately, I knew how to get financial assistance […]


Photo Gallery: Boys’ varsity baseball shuts out San Rafael

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On March 21, the Giants showed level-headed strength on their home field and beat the San Rafael Bulldogs 12 to nothing. Junior Oliver Pearson pitched an outstanding game. He currently has an Earned Run Average of 1.59, and is ranked third in MCAL for Batters Struck Out (26). Both Redwood and San Rafael had lost and won […]


Educational realities behind ADHD

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Educational realities behind ADHD by Daniela Schwartz   “In middle school I’d always be standing up in my classes and fidgeting with stuff and bending paper clips and flinging rubber bands, and doing whatever to just keep myself occupied. My teachers basically realized that they had to put me in the back of the classroom […]


Girls’ basketball overpowers Branson with an impressive 66-23 victory

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Despite a slow start against a lackluster opponent, the girls’ varsity basketball team regained their composure and trounced Branson by a score of 63-23 on Saturday. Saturday night’s win put the Giants in a tie for third in MCAL behind Tam and San Marin. Despite such a dominant victory, the girls still need to play […]

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Northern California relieved from five year drought

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In the past five years, California has suffered from a serious drought, but thanks to the recent winter storms, Northern California has officially become drought-free, according to the U.S Drought Monitor. As of Jan. 10, the U.S. Drought Monitor has declared Northern California, from the Bay Area to Oregon, drought-free due to the downpours of […]


Victory results in an unprecedented 5-0 record for girls’ varsity basketball

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Seconds tick away on the clock. Little time is left in the second quarter, but the girls’ varsity basketball team shows no sign of deceleration. Senior Nicki Yang steals the ball from an opposing player and dribbles down the court on a fast break, finishing with a layup, and giving her team a 12-point halftime […]


Strong bond helps girls’ basketball succeed

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Varsity Girls’ Basketball season preview With a senior-laden roster and strong off-court friendships, the girls’ varsity basketball team is taking a familial approach this season with hopes that its improved chemistry will lead to on-court success. “If you walked into the team room before one of our practices you might be a little overwhelmed with […]

Prop 67: vote yes and ban the bag

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After you’ve checked out at your local grocery store, the cashier has surely asked you, “Do you want a plastic bag?” You probably already know that plastic is harmful to the environment, or that you should have brought a reusable bag, but the long-lasting effects are more drastic than you might imagine. Plastic doesn’t go away. […]


Discussions on racism initiate student awareness to a pressing issue of race equality

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  On Sept. 26, roughly 300 students crowded into the small gym during Advisory, expressions of confusion and concern upon their faces. On Sept. 27, seven staff members and three students spared an hour after school to focus on Redwood’s future plans involving racism. Two days later, on Sept. 29, 36 attentive students came together […]


Friday night jazz in Marin Country Mart creates a relaxing environment for all ages

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Audience members reflect on their experience at Jazz Night in the Marin Country Mart, Larkspur Landing. At six o’clock on a warm and inviting Friday night in Larkspur Landing, Marin County Mart’s weekly jazz music fills the outdoor mall, attracting families and elderly people with a free live performance. The Stanford Barnett Trio played a […]