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“Who is America?” entertains by exposing

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Showtime’s new series “Who is America?” has made recent headlines for exposing and embarrassing current politicians on camera with the help of disguised comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. However, beyond the politics, it is a show that leaves  viewers questioning the world around them—and the people in it. The show—debuted in July of 2018—follows Cohen as […]

Leanne with some strawberries at the farmer's market

Behind the reviews of food critic Leanne Battelle

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To many people, being a food critic sounds like a dream job. All you have to do is eat food and write about whether it was good or not: easy, right? On the contrary, Leanne Battelle, a Redwood parent and freelance writer who writes a restaurant review every week, which is then published in the Marin […]

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens dance in an iconic ballroom scene.

A fresh take on a “tale as old as time”

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A heartwarming story about a beautiful princess who falls deeply in love with a hideous beast – almost anyone could name the title of this classic fairytale from just a brief summary. If a story so iconic has captivated children for years, would a retelling be necessary? At first I thought the answer to this […]