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Christine is a senior and Head Copy Editor for the Bark! She plays tennis, soccer and swims, loves drawing and occasionally geeks out about books and TV shows. She's excited to pursue her passion for journalism this year!

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The Physical Education department puts on a Tetris-themed dance

Gallery: Halloween Costume Contest

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The 17th annual Halloween costume contest took place in the amphitheater on Monday, Oct. 31. The categories included scariest, best homemade, best duo and most creative. The staff also participated in group costumes and skits. The World Language Department won with their theme based off the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

Senior Wyatt Barker holds up his hand in the Boy Scout three-fingered salute.

From Cub to Eagle: A Boy Scout’s journey

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From Cub to Eagle: A Boy Scout’s journey By Christine Watridge The young boys, clad in their navy blue uniforms, meet on a Saturday afternoon. The local “pack” consists of about 30 Scouts from first to fifth grade. Cub Scouts and their families begin a round of “Ants Go Marching,” and the cheerful singing fills […]

The 2017 senior girls' team runs through their banner before the start of the Klassy Kickoff flag football game.

GALLERY: Klassy Kickoff

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A long line of senior boys lean across the fence by the track and football field. Cheers, screams and disappointed sighs drift across the turf. The football is placed on the 40-yard line by none other than legendary P.E. teacher Michael Dibley, whistle in hand. This is not your average high school football game. This […]

Starting her first year as a chemistry teacher, Emily Doran is orginally from Oregon and fell in love with teaching while she was a tutor in college.

New teachers jump into Redwood with fresh perspectives

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Every year, Redwood is home to new teachers navigating their surroundings and trying to get to know their coworkers and students. Four of this year’s new teachers describe their past experiences, hopes for this school year, and what they want students to take away from their classes. Alison Castro Spanish teacher Alison Castro grew up […]

Illustration by Christine Watridge

Foreign languages offer more than just class credit

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Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Ni Hao. Konichiwa. Hallo. There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken worldwide today, although sometimes it feels English dominates the playing field. Yet the Bay Area is actually home to some of the most ethno-racially and linguistically diverse cities in the country, according to the consumer financial education and information service WalletHub. Redwood […]

Deadpool attacks his enemies after a car chase.

Marvel’s “Deadpool” cleverly intertwines comedy, blood and love

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Marvel’s newest movie “Deadpool” is a must-see for those who enjoy a good action movie or who just want to laugh hysterically for two hours. The film was released Feb. 12 and did not disappoint. Despite the rather formulaic plot, the R rating allowed for outrageously inappropriate humor and shocking gore that was thoroughly entertaining. […]

Parker Tang  blocking his opponent during the game Thursday

Boys’ JV water polo secures win against Terra Linda

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The boys’ JV water polo team dominated Terra Linda 15-5 on Thursday and remains undefeated. Both teams battled during the first quarter, and sophomore Jacob Berston put Redwood ahead 3-2 with two goals. In the second quarter, when the team’s starters came into the game, Redwood took a decisive lead, scoring six more goals, including […]