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Charlotte Seton is a senior and starting her second year at Bark. She is excited to continue reporting and be involved at Redwood. She loves fashion and is interning at the Fashion Ambassador Program at Nordstrom. She also loves to cook and hike the Marin Headlands in her free time!

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College  The Electoral College has peacefully transitioned presidential power yet opponents point out that it does not always elect the popular vote winner, as seen in this year’s election.    The Electoral College has been successful in the peaceful transition of Presidents  By Charlotte Seton   The Electoral College system is once […]

‘American Horror Story’ season six: Don’t watch before going into the woods

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“American Horror Story” is not your typical horror television show. Certain unique attributes, such as a new storyline each season and the tie between these storylines and real life events, make the series highly addictive but also mentally disturbing. The current season, “Roanoke,” is notable for how certain scenes start out quite tranquilly and then […]

Yes please to more Zs!

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“Sleep is food for the brain,” according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) website. NSF research has also shown that sleep is critical to one’s well-being—it is “as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat.” Although the negative effects of sleep deprivation are well-known, many of us […]

Grateful Dead legend takes music in a different direction with newest album

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“Blue Mountain,” a new solo album by former Grateful Dead singer and guitarist and Marin County resident Bob Weir, was released on Sept. 30. However, Grateful Dead fans shouldn’t expect this album to have the same vibe that the band once created in their music. Weir’s album certainly has an authentic country feel. Almost every […]


How much should schools shield students?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood Community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are senior Audrey Gaither and junior Isabella Liu. They discuss a topic related to the event of […]

Werner Herzog, director of LO AND BEHOLD, a Magnolia Pictures release.

‘Lo and Behold’ Werner Herzog creates another captivating film

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The newly released documentary, “Lo and Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World,” directed by filmmaker Werner Herzog, illustrates the wondrous and surprising impact of the rise of the Internet in an informative and humorous way. The film is structured as a series of vignettes, in which interviews with many famous technological pioneers take viewers through […]

SITTING IN THE back of the room, Kemp works in a vacant classroom she shares stretching both facilities and teachers’ with Social Studies teacher Nikolai Butkevich.

Increased classroom sharing has its pros and cons

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Look around you. Do your classes feel larger than last year? Are the hallways more crowded? Are there multiple teachers in your classroom? Do you have to plan strategic bathroom breaks to avoid the lines? Is your teacher frazzled between periods? Welcome to the increasingly populated Redwood High School, which has a total of 1,802 […]


Rustic Bakery to open new location in Tiburon this spring

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Rustic Bakery plans to open a new bakery and cafe in Tiburon at Boardwalk courtyard, which was previously occupied by Corner Books and Element Coffee & Tea in Tiburon. Through email, Chief Executive Officer Carol LeValley said that the restaurant doesn’t have an exact opening date yet, but is estimated to open doors between early […]


Girls’ varsity soccer routs Justin-Siena

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Girls’ varsity soccer won by a score of 10-1 against Justin-Siena on Wednesday. Although Justin-Siena scored one goal against Redwood, it didn’t discourage the Redwood team. Both teams also had to deal with rainy weather. Junior Lily Armstrong said the ball was slippery due to the rain, causing Redwood to struggle on its touch and […]


Girls’ varsity volleyball beats San Marin in MCAL semifinals

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Girls’ varsity volleyball defeated San Marin in a tight game on Thursday night during MCAL playoffs. Redwood swept San Marin by scores of 25-16, 25-20, and 25-19. Redwood stayed ahead with many saves and powerful hits that it served to San Marin throughout the game. The Giants were lead by Elly Lundberg’s powerful hits, as […]