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Charlotte Seton is a senior and starting her second year at Bark. She is excited to continue reporting and be involved at Redwood. She loves fashion and is interning at the Fashion Ambassador Program at Nordstrom. She also loves to cook and hike the Marin Headlands in her free time!

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Using Technology to Transform Your Closet

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We often experience the urge to liven up our clothing with some back-to-school shopping at this time of year. But the latest styles can be costly as retailers tend not to discount in August, knowing we’re eager to update our wardrobe. An alternative way to modernize our attire is by using various used-clothing shopping apps. […]

Cinco o ‘Drinko’ de Mayo?

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Click here to read in English  Guacamole, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, crema y salsa—¡delicioso! Ya casi puedes sentir el sabor del Cinco de Mayo en la punta de tu lengua. Muchos padres y estudiantes alrededor de Marin probablemente acompañaron esa comida sabrosa con margaritas y cerveza mexicana. Si bien es un día festivo, muchos estadounidenses erróneamente […]


Friendship Club hosts first Carnival

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The screams of laughter could be heard even above the DJ’s blaring pop music on the South Lawn at Redwood High School on Saturday, April 29 at a free carnival hosted by Redwood and Terra Linda High School’s Friendship Clubs. The carnival featured 15 booths offering games, education on various topics including gardening and art, […]

Cinco or Drinko de Mayo?

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Hace clic aquí para lee en español Guacamole, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, sour cream and salsa—yum! You can almost taste Cinco de Mayo on the tip of your tongue. Many parents and students around Marin probably washed down that mouthwatering food with margaritas and Mexican beer. As much as we enjoy this holiday, many Americans erroneously […]

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ illuminates modern day racism

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Like many students my age, I’ve seen several documentaries about racism and discrimination in America. But “I Am Not Your Negro” goes well beyond offering just an overview―it defines the causes of racist behavior and proposes solutions for this ongoing problem. The documentary is based upon the life of James Baldwin, a Black American writer […]

Mayor Lee is no Robin Hood

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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee recently announced plans to make the City College of San Francisco free for all students. Some will argue that the end—free education for all—justifies the means, particularly in a city like San Francisco where there is significant income disparity. But that’s missing the point. Most of the cost of this […]

Meg Heimbrodt welcomed as new College and Career Specialist

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New College and Career Specialist Meg Heimbrodt started working on Jan. 11, replacing Paula Vantrease who retired after over 10 years at Redwood. “She is very eager and enthusiastic,” Assistant Principal LaSandra White said. “We are excited to have her. [It] seems like she’s picked up right where Paula left off in working with counselors […]

Face to Face: Is Christmas becoming too commercialized?

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Face-to-Face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood Community to grill each other, argue, or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic, and they do the rest. This month’s participants are juniors Angelica Vohland and Cora Cicala. In the spirit of the holiday season, they discuss the […]

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College

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Point, Counter-Point: Electoral College  The Electoral College has peacefully transitioned presidential power yet opponents point out that it does not always elect the popular vote winner, as seen in this year’s election.    The Electoral College has been successful in the peaceful transition of Presidents  By Charlotte Seton   The Electoral College system is once […]

‘American Horror Story’ season six: Don’t watch before going into the woods

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“American Horror Story” is not your typical horror television show. Certain unique attributes, such as a new storyline each season and the tie between these storylines and real life events, make the series highly addictive but also mentally disturbing. The current season, “Roanoke,” is notable for how certain scenes start out quite tranquilly and then […]