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Despite what her nose piercing would have you think, Chloe Pfeiffer has never been quite as radical as Tom, her life mentor, would like her to be. A senior on the Bark staff, Chloe's #1 joy in life is copy editing the investigative masterpieces of her peer journalists: she loves nothing more than watching a non-spell checked duckling transform before her eyes into a beautiful, publishable swan. In her free time she enjoys running cross country, watching The Hangover with Spanish subtitles, and failing to embrace opportunities to YOLO. Written by Sophie Epstein

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Surfers take the sea by storm

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For over a decade, senior Zack Cohen has been perfecting a reaction. “The best part is that you’re really not thinking,” Cohen said. “It’s like everything is happening so fast, you don’t really have time to think. I’ve been surfing for 12 years, and I don’t think I can tell you one single thought that’s […]

Cross country runners transition well into track season

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On Sunday, Feb. 10, senior Megan Bordes raced her first competitive mile. Five minutes and seven seconds later, she broke the school record. That day, Bordes and junior Fred Huxham ran at the University of Washington Open Meet, where they competed against other high school and collegiate athletes. Both ran in the second heat; Bordes […]

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Insane City a great chaotic journey through Miami

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At first glance, Insane City seems likely to be rooted more in ridiculousness than real substance. It would be easy for Dave Barry, a humor columnist who has been dubbed “the funniest man in America,” to sacrifice character development for jokes or good writing for a simple and silly plot, especially when the story can so easily […]

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Team debates its way to the top

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For weeks, eight members of the Debate Team had been preparing for an upcoming tournament – researching, pouring over pages of evidence, formulating arguments. Last week, that preparation paid off. On Saturday, Feb. 2, Redwood sent four two-person teams down to Lowell High School to compete in the tournament and debate the benefits of the […]


Anna Karenina outshined by its own costumes

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The trailer for the new movie Anna Karenina brought one word to mind: epic. The music, the costumes, the scenery – it seemed like it would be an instant classic, not only an impressive period drama but also a passionate love story. The trailer itself could win an Oscar, I thought. But the actual film […]

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 leaves hollow ending to Twilight Saga

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We started our journey at twilight. We pulled into the movie theater parking lot at 10:30 p.m. We were shaking, both from cold and fear – the fear of finding ourselves at the end of the huge line of Twihards. But this fear was soon replaced with sheer terror, as we discovered the parking lot […]

Video: A Game of Thrones – A Parody of Homecoming Week

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Cheating. Rivalry. Scandal. This year’s Homecoming Court is rife with drama, and and two Bark reporters provide a behind-the-scenes look at the twelve contestants as they fight for the ultimate title: Homecoming King and Queen. Let the games begin!

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Homecoming lunches cause Admin hypocrisy

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During Homecoming Week, I attended every single lunch activity. They were entertaining and funny and everyone looked like they were having a great time – but as I looked up at the twelve students on stage, a wave of bitterness consumed me. I couldn’t help it – I was jealous. I had never felt any […]


Gallery: Bomb Squad beats Pinnerz in intramural volleyball semifinals

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It was an unusually windy lunch period on Thursday, Oct. 4, but that didn’t stop the Bomb Squad and the Pinnerz – the two teams competing in the lunchtime volleyball competition semifinals – from playing their hardest. Despite a rough start, the Bomb Squad beat the Pinnerz 45-39, and will move on to the finals […]

Club day offered a chance for new and returning students to learn about the various club offerings at Redwood.

Preview: New clubs offer diversity of options

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With the beginning of the school year comes a wide variety of new clubs. Created by students who are pursuing their interests, supporting a cause, or both, these new clubs are a welcome addition to Redwood culture and student life. Ukes Not Nukes The Ukes Not Nukes Club is dedicated to spreading political awareness through […]