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Carolyn is a junior this year and is the review editor for the Bark. She spends most of her free time in Stinson, playing soccer, and hanging out with her friends. Life is good.

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What’s so funny? Redwood students expose the art of comedy

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You’ve tried to tell a joke, whispering something to a friend and expecting a hearty laugh in response. When all you received was a sorry giggle, well, they just don’t have your sense of humor, right? But what if you aren’t as funny as you think you are? Unfortunately, it’s probably true, at least according […]


Blacktop parking lot remains closed despite parking problems

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The blacktop behind the main gym has remained closed as a parking lot due to safety and P.E. spacing conflicts as the Redwood parking shortage this year continues to be an issue. The lot contained 55 parking spots last year, but Principal David Sondheim cited safety as for why the lot was closed. “That lot […]

Sophomore Talia Fleischmann practices American Sign Language at lunch with senior Shaya Berry.

Students bridge the gap in ASL classes at COM

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It’s 6:10 p.m. on a Wednesday night, and high school students gather into Patricia Sirianni’s American Sign Language classroom. As they get seated, there is very little sound. Only facial expressions and hand movements are seen from the learners participating in the class. The goal? To bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf. […]


Amnesty International creates petition with inspiration from LA conference

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Redwood’s Amnesty International club has implemented a petition project to protect girls in Burkina Faso from forced marriages following a recent trip to the annual Amnesty International Western Regional Conference in Los Angeles on Nov. 20-22. Sophomore Ines Laborinho Schwartz, vice president of the Amnesty International club, was inspired to take action after attending the […]