Brittany Tholan Former Staff

At this very moment a few notable ants on Mt. Tam are casually brunching in Brittany Tholan’s shoeprint, an elephant seal in the Pacific Ocean is humming a song that he heard from Brittany Tholan’s lips, and a crab off the coast of Delaware is using Brittany Tholan’s former bracelet as an efficient fish lasso. Now that she’s a senior in high school, Brittany’s effect on world order is apparent in many places, including the Bark. She strives to maintain good feng shui while running around outside, toying with recipes, and playing with seals. Her dream job is a mash up of journalism and marine biology.

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Gallery: Gideon Elson’s chickens

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Photos by Maureen McLennon


Three points of perspective: Architecture students size up SF buildings

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It was a beautiful day for admiring architecture in San Francisco. At the top of Divisadero and Broadway, three architecture students — seniors August Truesdale, Maureen McLennon, and Andrew Westle — gazed at a white house with silver-rimmed windows and a stone entrance. “This is modern done right,” Truesdale said. Through the eyes of these […]


The Art of Rejection: Decoding the college rejection letter

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Seniors everywhere bit their lips while they tore open envelopes, scrambled for their online portal passwords, and read the first lines of fateful emails with watering eyes, as they discovered that there’s a lot more to a rejection than a simple “no.”Instead, the rejections they read were composed of long-winded niceties. This spring, the Bark […]

Construction Cartoon

When life’s under construction, perspective is everything

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With the new music and art wing scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, it seems as if the seniors, who will see the labor but never its fruit, are getting shafted. But then again, someone always gets shafted when it comes to construction. As far as I’m concerned, there are three […]

The language debate: when words become bullying

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Bullying. The word is imposing, uncomfortable, and after years of anti-bullying assemblies, almost cliché. While statistics show that targeted, physical bullying has decreased in past years, verbal harassment has slid into its place. But now, the line between offensive speech and verbal bullying has blurred. The Bark asked Caroline McNally and Tanisha Hook, two seniors […]


For better or for worse, robots have arrived

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Last month, Jerry Brown legalized Transformers. With minds and personalities of their own, the cars have left the realm of human-powered machinery and have entered a scary and unpredictable class of automatic machines. Casually referred to by their creators as “driverless cars,” the Transformers – it turns out – have been secretly living among us […]