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The robotic protagonist of the film, "Chappie," aims a weapon in the beginning of the movie, which premiered on March 6.

‘Chappie’ delivers a unique story from unoriginal ideas

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The plot seems all too familiar. A self-conscious robot is created, exploited, and nearly everyone wants it destroyed. On paper, there is not much potential. Despite this, and a heavy borrowing of ideas from ‘Robocop’, ‘Short Circuit’, and his previous two movies, director Neill Blomkamp created a strong, somewhat bizarre film that makes the audience […]

Junior Cole Porter quickly swims to make a play.

Boys’ JV water polo loses nail-biter in overtime

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On Tuesday, Sept. 30, the boys’ junior varsity water polo team lost 10-9 to number one MCAL seeded Drake in overtime. The teams were neck-and-neck throughout the first half. The first quarter ended with a score of 3-3, while the second quarter ended with a score of 4-4. The score remained tied at 5-5 for […]