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Alicia is a senior at Redwood High School. She is excited for her first year on Bark as Opinion Editor. She loves all water sports, especially water polo and swimming. Alicia is happiest when she is outside and enjoys hiking with her dog and friends (and getting lost).

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Masters of Danger Op Doc

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Minute by minute. Day by day. Tree by tree. Local San Rafael company Treemasters deals in the business of eradicating dead or unwanted trees, and all of the perils that tag along with it. However for these “industrial athletes,” going to work everyday, amid the dangers, still feels as important and exciting as it once […]

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’13 Reasons Why’ disregards role of mental illness

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Like many Redwood students, I remember when I first read “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, a book about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes (each one about a specific person) explaining why she chose to kill herself. I was only 10 when I read the book, and at […]


Local author releases debut novel about life as a teenager in Marin County

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Marin County native Lindsey Lee Johnson discussed her highly acclaimed debut novel, “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth,” at Book Passage’s author event on Jan. 20. The event was attended by Marin community members, Johnson’s family, students of Tamalpais High School and readers who wanted to receive a signed copy from the author. Johnson’s fictional […]

The menu has many lighter pastas such as the Tagliatella Al Pescatora

Gia Ristorante Italiano brings Italy to Larkspur through authentic pastas

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Upon entering Gia Ristorante Italiano, one cannot help but feel as if they are walking into their good friend’s house for a night of phenomenal pasta, good conversation and laughter. The restaurant, located in downtown Larkspur, has been open for a little more than a month but has already become a popular spot for both […]


Marin County waits to decide if sale of marijuana will be legalized

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Despite California’s passage of Proposition 64, which legalized the usage of recreational marijuana for adults above the age of 21, the entirety of the bill and its ramifications will not be considered by the Marin County Board of Supervisors until 2018. Marin County’s cannabis webpage has an announcement that states, “The County of Marin does […]

Cerf, Emily - recycling (1)

Whose job is it anyways? The flaws of the recycling process

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As a member of Green Cities of California, Marin County and its schools are environmentally conscientious, and Redwood is certainly no exception. Redwood has bike to school days, multiple EZH20 bottle-filling stations, and increased use of technology instead of paper in classrooms. Despite this, many students and staff are unaware that Redwood’s recycling system has […]


The underrated factor: College majors

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During the fall semester of senior year, many Redwood students embark on the college admissions marathon. With multiple applications, meticulously-edited essays, and teacher recommendations, it’s easy to get swept up in the exhaustion that often comes with applying to college. However, Redwood students should put as much energy, if not more, into choosing their majors. […]

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Utilize regular calculus class and all its benefits

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Throughout middle school and most of high school, Redwood students have conformed to a set math track with little individual variation. However, everything changes after students complete precalculus and are left with the daunting decision of whether to continue on to calculus or to change mathematical course and take statistics. Though this choice may seem […]


Digital divide leaves students behind in classroom

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Today, the digital divide among Americans can be seen in the one environment where all students should be given equal opportunity to grow and to attain their goals: the classroom. According to the New York Times, an estimated five million families do not have access to the Internet and are suffering the consequences of their […]

Possible headline: JV girls maintain undefeated streak

JV volleyball maintains undefeated streak

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The JV girls volleyball team persevered in a close game against Justin Siena on Friday, winning in two sets by scores of 25-19 and 25-18. The team won the game 2-0, showing team strength with consistent usage of quick sets and powerful kills. Liberos sophomore Raya Corren and freshman Mathilde Caindec were key players that […]