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Alix Salzer is a sophmomore at Redwood High School and is a Cub reporter for The Redwood Bark, who enjoys athletics.

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“Every Day” shows a new way

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“Every Day,” a movie directed by Michael Sucsy, starts with a common interval of change: a clock striking midnight. An African-American boy, Justin (Justice Smith), wakes up and examines his hands in confusion. He looks around his room which appears foreign despite being his own. The modern day setting is revealed when Justin sets an […]

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America: Land of the Free?

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“This land is your land, this land is my land/From California to New York Island/From Redwood forest to Gulf Stream waters/This land was made for you and me.” Admit it, you sang that in your head. It’s fine if you did after all, “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie is part of almost […]