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Anne is a senior at Redwood High School and is ecstatic for her third year on the Bark as Editor-in-Chief. Previously, Anne has been a lifestyles, news and copy editor and a reporter.

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Students of the visual arts: Seniors pursue artistic ambitions

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Three seniors have decided to pursue their artistic ambitions, enrolling in their respective art schools and programs. Danielle Kisseberth will attend the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as a prospective major in Architecture. With a strong Architecture Department, facilities and professional emphasis, RISD appealed to her. Alice Sowa will be a student at Massachusetts […]


‘Hit Makers’ successfully delves into the science of popularity

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In his book describing the science of popularity, “Hit Makers,” The Atlantic Senior Editor Derek Thompson writes that, “To sell something familiar, make it surprising. To sell something surprising, make it familiar.” This in itself is where the genius of his first book lies: “Hit Makers” is both familiar and distinctive. The book, released on […]


Graduate creates app to address dyslexia, boost productivity

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While on a flight from Rhode Island to Texas, 2012 Redwood alumnus and Brown University senior Cliff Weitzman built a photo-sharing application in seven hours that ultimately gained 70,000 users. This was one of approximately 32 products, ranging from a detachable brake for longboards to a biotech supplement, that he created during his undergraduate years. […]

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Sharing their story: Syrian refugees adjust to Bay Area life with help of local families

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Gathered around a table holding plates of cookies and Rice Krispies treats in Imagination Park in San Anselmo, three students with friendly smiles greet passersby. Behind the trays of sweets is a poster with information about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. With their genuine enthusiasm, the students draw the attention of community members. Their discussions often […]

Redwood’s political past

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Full language immersion is key for optimal learning

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During the few times last year that my former foreign language teacher instructed the class in Spanish, I glanced around the room as the instructions faded to background noise, watching other nervous eyes seek reassurance that their confusion and questionable understanding was shared among their peers. Two years earlier, I was in another classroom with […]

Dubin poses in his graduation photo.

Graduate utilizes passion for Spanish during volunteer work

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 Hace clic aquí para lee en español  With his voice shaking and heart pounding, Alex Dubin introduced himself to his client in the waiting area of the Immigration Department of Catholic Charities before leading her to one of the decorated interview rooms to conduct his first client meeting in Spanish. He sat on one side […]

Dubin poses in his graduation photo.

Graduado utliza su pasión por el español en el trabajo voluntario

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Click here to read in English  Con la voz temblorosa y con el corazón latiendo, Alex Dubin se presentó a su cliente en la sala de espera del Departamento de Inmigración de Caridades Católicas (Catholic Charities) antes de llevarla a uno de los cuartos de entrevistas decorados en el cual él llevó a cabo su […]


The creeping cost of college

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For a growing number of Redwood students, finances are playing an important role in college decisions instead of merely choosing between acceptances. According to a May Bark survey, 31 percent of students say that concern regarding student debt will influence their college choice. This reflects a growing concern over the sharp rise of student debt. […]