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Amanda Morse is a senior at Redwood High School and is a Reporter for The Redwood Bark. She loves spending time with her friends and family, and her favorite place to be is the beach. Amanda plays both lacrosse and soccer, and enjoys surfing, snowboarding and wake boarding.

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Sophomore Izzy Margulies watches one of her favorite vloggers on Youtube, David Dobrik.

Redwood students view YouTube through a different lens

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Whether it’s through an educational lecture, music video, vlog or sports highlight video, YouTube has always been a place for self-expression. It appeals to a variety of viewers—all the more reason why the platform only continues to gain popularity. According to Statista, across the globe there are 149 million people who view YouTube videos monthly […]


Girls’ varsity volleyball buries Piedmont with three-set victory

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Building off of their 5-0 winning streak, Redwood girls’ varsity volleyball started out strong in the first set of their game on Sept. 4 with a 9-1 lead against Piedmont High School. With hard hits from both senior right side Ella Spaethling and sophomore outside hitter Ella Green, the Giants pushed their lead for the […]

Mini sized Rodeo Beach Surf Bowl. The earthy feel throughout the cafe contributes to the healthy lifestyle.

Rio Rock Açai Cafe offers fresh toppings but minimal serving sizes

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“People here, they live healthy: they’re biking, they’re surfing, they’re running. People take care of themselves. Then what goes hand in hand with that is nutrition, and [acai] one of the healthiest things you can put in your body,” said Mike Rupers co-owner of Rio Rock Açai Cafe. The cafe opened on May 2 and […]


Exploring Happiness at Redwood

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In this series of the Bark’s Remarks, we explored happiness at Redwood. We talked with students about subtopics ranging from contentment to comedy. You can find this podcast and more on the Redwood Bark Soundcloud.

Brennan baking

Gluten: Is it kneaded?

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While browsing the grocery store aisles, it has become more common to see gluten-free pasta, cookies, bread, pancakes, muffins and more. Gluten-free diets have become popular among people of all ages in our community, either by choice or for medical reasons. According to Statista, the market of gluten-free foods is skyrocketing and is estimated to […]

Senior Leadership students Luna Zirpoli, Amelia Shunk and Jacqueline Massey-Blake (from left to right) pose, ready to hand out fortune cookies.

Leadership spreads the love (and also fortune cookies)

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On Wednesday, Feb. 14, joyful music played outside of the school as students were greeted on their way into the building in celebration of Valentine’s Day. With a red carpet under their feet, students entered through the doors as the Leadership class cheered them on. Claps, high fives and chants resounded. Fortune cookies that included […]

Staff members gather around the phone waiting for updates.

Prior to the Watergate scandal, The Post leaves viewers on edge

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“If we live in a world where the government can tell us what we can and cannot print, then the Washington Post has already ceased to exist,” said Editor in chief of The Washington Post, Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) in Steven Spielberg’s “The Post.” Today, new information about the government is publicized daily, but this […]


Horstmeyer legacy continues on the basketball court

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As a freshman at Redwood in 1976, Caren Horstmeyer envisioned herself playing tennis at the collegiate level, but that changed when she stepped foot on the Redwood basketball court. Her picture now hangs in the Redwood Alumni Hall of Fame and the family legacy continues as her freshman daughter Kylie shines as the as a […]


O’Neal on his heels: The freshman tap dancer

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Tap-dancing shoes hit the stage floor, sending clicks echoing through the packed theater one shuffle step at a time. A fleet of dancers from Happy Feet Dance Company occupy the stage, each person following the same pattern of taps, creating a symphony from the movement of their feet. Among this group, freshman John O’Neal looks […]

Playing at a rink in Canada, Lucas (left) and Jacob (right) have been involved with hockey since they were very young.

Freshman boys continue to tear up the ice after moving from other countries

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Tiny shards of ice fly off the rink into the air. Rapidly moving skates carve into the surface while players chase after a small black puck. It hits the wall and bounces perfectly to the stick of the player who then swiftly glides toward the opposing team’s goal. He winds up and puts all his […]