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Alexandra is a junior who is excited to be Review Editor for her second semester in Bark. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends and dancing.

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RNL facilitates substance abuse conversation with Parent Night

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Redwood Night Live (RNL) is commonly associated with the word “dodgeball” and with the fun events they host for students. However, the club has expanded its focus, and is hosting its first-ever discussion forum on March 9. The purpose of the forum is to give parents an opportunity to explore the issue of high school […]

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Stress Reduction Advisory begins

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As second semester classes ramp up for the spring, a new opt-in “Stress Reduction” Advisory has been created for juniors and seniors as a way to combat the often hectic and stressful environment at Redwood. The new class, taught by drama teacher Britt Block and Spanish teacher Alison Castro, focuses on using mindfulness and yoga […]


Light up the Night

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There is something magical about slowly ambling down an unfamiliar street in a car as the sky becomes dark, turning the corner and being overwhelmed by an extravagant, over-the-top Christmas display complete with music echoing throughout the neighborhood, and realizing that you did indeed turn onto the right street. Picture a house so extraordinary that […]

Bark Book Club

Bark book club: New York Times 2016 Best Sellers

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“The Sellout” offers unusual wit and charm by Alexandra Lee   It is clear why Paul Beatty’s novel, The Sellout, tops 2016 bestseller lists and boasts several prestigious awards. The novel offers a clever and endearing critique on black inner-city society with its humorous wit, sarcasm and charm.  The novel starts off somewhat slowly, allowing […]

Apple of our eye: Best apple pies to buy for the holiday season

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As the season of turkey, pumpkin spice lattes and other autumn classics approaches, another fall treat prevails as a tasty alternative to its traditional pumpkin counterpart: apple pie. Since this dessert is such an autumn staple, it’s essential to know which cafes and restaurants provide the best pies. The Bark tasted pies from several Marin […]

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Teachers describe having their children at school

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To Redwood students, the personal lives of many teachers are somewhat of a mystery. We listen to them during class, give the occasional awkward wave or smile if we randomly pass in the halls, and make polite small talk with them if we happen to bump into them in a non-academic setting—but that is about […]

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Doubles pair smashes the competition with powerful chemistry

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As they simultaneously hit right-handed volleys back to another doubles pair at practice, Molly Kehoe and Zoe Babikian looked like they had been playing together for years. It is their coded communications and obvious chemistry, shown by the constant smiles and laughter exuding from the girls when they are together, that make them oneof the […]

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Veganism: rad(dish) or bad(ish)?

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When Patti Breitman, a grandparent of a Redwood student, decided to go vegan in 1986, veganism was an emerging movement that was unheard of by many and understood by even fewer. Nowadays, with the seemingly sudden surge of vegan enthusiasts raising their voice on social media platforms, veganism is a more well-known lifestyle and has […]

Leading chorus students in vocal exercises and song covers with multiple harmonies at the second chorus class, Martone teaches a program that is open to students of all grade levels and meets on Thursday nights.

New chorus program offers creative opportunities after school

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A semi-circle of students begins singing, matching tempo and pitch to multiple arrangements of pop music and traditional songs as a part of the new Tamalpais Union High School District chorus program. The chorus class is held at Redwood on Thursday nights in the small music room from 6:30 to 8:30, and is open to […]


Students pursue volunteer opportunities at elderly homes

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While many students are preoccupied with homework, sports and spending time with friends, sophomore Lindsey Papuc is surrounded by a crowd of senior citizens, leading bingo and arts and crafts while volunteering at the Aegis Living of Corte Madera. Papuc is one of a few students who find the time to volunteer at homes for […]