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Andrew Hout, an absolutely and positively legendary Homo Sapien, is excited for bark. He is a very good smiler and enjoys shredding gnar on the slopes. If you ever spot him in the wild make sure to be careful because he is poisonous.

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Noa Zimmerman makes headlines with ‘Night’s Gentle Crash’

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Singer-songwriter senior Noa Zimmerman’s new album, “Night’s Gentle Crash,” shows her rising career with its soothing rhythm and calm vocals. This is no High School Musical pop album―it’s an accumulation of musical styles, all used to portray Zimmerman’s perception of young love. “Night’s Gentle Crash” was released Feb. 25 and is Zimmerman’s fourth album. The […]


Senior Farewell Rally

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The Senior Farewell Rally encompassed the journey Redwood’s senior class has taken throughout these four years of high school. Starting off with a rendition of our national anthem, the rally transpired smoothly from there on out. The seniors and freshman played the juniors and sophomores in dodgeball, Advanced Performance Workshop played some tunes, all grades […]

The team gathers before another run

Zach and the Rippers

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Covered in mud up to our knees as the rain poured down, Zach and I struggled to push his car off the road, really just a dirt trail that had turned to mud. In an attempt to beat the main highway traffic, our GPS had lead us astray. My trip up to Tahoe with youth […]


Redwood loses final MCAL game to Branson in nailbiter

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Redwood’s senior-heavy boys’ varsity basketball team was eliminated from the MCAL playoffs by Branson Tuesday, Feb. 14. After being substantially down for most of the game Redwood surged back to tie the game in the fourth quarter, but could not attain a lead. The last few minutes involved numerous fouls from both sides, which disrupted […]


Tahoe time: Skiers stoked about record-setting snowfall

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Recent extreme weather has brought Redwood skiers out of their drought depression and back onto the slopes of Tahoe. The ski hype has been difficult to sustain due to poor precipitation levels over the past two years, but some students never gave up their love for the mountain. This year’s incredible snowfall has rewarded them […]

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Old owners revamp World Wrapps with new menu and design

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World Wrapps, located in the Corte Madera Town Center, reopened its doors with an innovative new menu and atmosphere on Tuesday, Nov. 22 after six months of construction. Owners and Marin residents Matthew Blair and Keith Cox started World Wrapps in 1995 as the first restaurant specializing in wraps and quickly grew the franchise to […]


H.B.O.’s best Western proves to be otherworldly

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Mixing gun-slinging cowboys, damsels in distress and dusty deserts with futuristic, creepy robots may seem like a recipe for confusion, but HBO’s “Westworld” finds a way to make these two opposing genres blend together smoothly. Based on the 1973 Michael Crichton movie, “Westworld” is a dramatic television series involving a new kind of theme park […]


What’s so funny? Redwood students expose the art of comedy

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You’ve tried to tell a joke, whispering something to a friend and expecting a hearty laugh in response. When all you received was a sorry giggle, well, they just don’t have your sense of humor, right? But what if you aren’t as funny as you think you are? Unfortunately, it’s probably true, at least according […]


Redwood’s over-the-top college stigma

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Getting a rejection letter from a top-choice college is hard. However, you shouldn’t feel distressed just because Redwood’s atmosphere makes it seem customary to get in everywhere. Seniors who don’t get admitted into these elite schools might feel disappointed when they compare themselves to Redwood’s high performers. This attitude is absurd seeing as they are […]


Triple Threat Game Night

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On a warm spring afternoon, fans gathered at three separate events for redwood’s first triple threat game night. It was one of the last regular season games for all three teams, and each sport ended the night with a decisive victory.