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Annie Forsman is a very far-out individual, who was born with a deep desire to know what’s up. She lives in the deep hoods of Corte Madera, along with her parents, sisters, and several cats. This is her second year on Bark and she is ready to be a legendary feature editor. Some of her hobbies include being in the ocean, making videos, reading interesting pieces of literature, immersing herself into different cultures while traveling the world, and learning sign language, so she can have a special talent when people ask. At Redwood she swims and helps to produce Redwood TV. More so, throughout her life she has looked up to Pocahontas and Cat Woman the most. Annie believes being outside and active is the best way to live life and hopes to have an awesome senior year at Redwood. “Public schools are so random,” is a common thought that elapses her mind on a daily basis. FIGHT THE POWER...

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Oh the Places We’ll Go!

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Oh the Places We’ll Go! by Kylie Kvam, Annie Forsman, and Olivia Dominguez Class of 2016 Senior College map.

Clinching the Tri-School poetry slam competition for the seventh consecutive year, Redwood's team finished off the night with a group poem about moving beyond clichés in poetry.

Redwood wins annual Tri-School Poetry Slam

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Jazz music lulled in the background as Redwood, Tam and Drake parents and students filed into the Little Theater for the annual Tri-School Poetry Slam on May 18. Viewers waited eagerly as the lights dimmed and the emcee stepped on stage in anticipation of a night filled with creative thinking and animated speech. The eight […]

Senior Cole Wilhite outruns Novato aggressors.

Boys’ varsity lacrosse regains confidence after easy triumph over Novato

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The boys’ varsity lacrosse team trounced Novato in a 11-3 win on Wednesday, March 16 at home. The Giants had a slow first quarter, having to battle against the scorching sun and a swift and energized opponent. However, the team’s skilled passing, tight defense, effective communication, and explosive offensive movements carried them into the second […]

Redwood outscores Tam, but every player was a winner.

From the court to the classroom: Special Olympics Unified Sports League hosts first game

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On the court: The new Special Olympics Unified Sports League held their first unified basketball game during Game Night on Jan. 29. According to Special Education teacher Katie Peter, the game was a success and the Special Olympics club is in the midst of planning for future unified sporting events. A glimpse inside room 116: The Special […]

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The Neglected Killer

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 By Annie Forsman and Adam Kreitzman   A Daunting Dilemma Redwood alumnus Matthew Lewin lay silently as paralysis overcame him. Incapacitated, he waited helplessly as an emergency room doctor applied Neostigmine, in the form of a nasal spray, to reverse the paralysis. Lewin had just been a guinea pig in his own experiment, one aimed […]

Junior Scott Smith rests after successfully completing his new record of 30 consecutive pin drops.

Humans of Redwood: Edition 2- Scott Smith

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Junior Scott Smith walks into class as he hears his peers scream, “Pin drop!” Smith sets down his bag, walks to the front of the room and spins down to the floor and back up. Smith is acclaimed for his well-known “pin drops.” He says that dancing is a much larger part of his life […]

Senior Cale Smith drops in to a wave, while surfing at  Fort Cronkhite.

Surfing provides outlet for community of students

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The alarm clock buzzes at 5 a.m., rattling the bedside nightstand and forcing you to slowly drag yourself out of bed. You eat a quick breakfast and rush out the door. Barely awake and running on the adrenaline of six hours of sleep, you pile the wetsuit and board into the car and set off […]

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Humans of Redwood: Edition 1- Quinn O’Connor

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Humans of Redwood, Edition 1, presents sophomore Quinn O’Connor, an aspiring special effects make-up artist.


Senior diagnoses the current health care controversy

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“Acting hypocritic when you should be hippocratic” By, Annie Forsman Malpractice “Hey Nana Mimi, it’s Jase. I love you… I am really going to miss you,” said Jason Seavey to his coma-stricken grandmother, seconds before hanging up the phone in disbelief. At 10 years old, Seavey did not know what to make of the experience, […]

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Redwood Night Live hosts fourth consecutive dodgeball tournament

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Last Friday night, 31 teams filed into the large gym to participate in Redwood Night Live’s fourth annual Dodgeball tournament. Each team was placed into a bracket, where they underwent several rounds of games against different groups, ultimately aiming to reach the final championship game. In the finals the team “Slim Dickys” triumphed over the team “Dress […]