Anna Compagno Cub Writer

Anna Compagno is a sophomore at Redwood High School and is a Cub Reporter for The Redwood Bark. She enjoys spending time with her friends, playing basketball, and playing volleyball.

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UTILIZING DIFFERENT props to create an effective workout, Yogaworks offers complementary straps, blocks and mats for customers during class.

Stretch out of your comfort zone and try these local yoga studios

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Stretching on my yoga mat in the dimly lit studio, I relax and try to clear my mind after a long, stressful day of school. As my mind slows down, I feel a sense of peace and well-being. Yoga has become a more popular form of exercise over the past few years. A recent survey […]

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Teachers describe having their children at school

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To Redwood students, the personal lives of many teachers are somewhat of a mystery. We listen to them during class, give the occasional awkward wave or smile if we randomly pass in the halls, and make polite small talk with them if we happen to bump into them in a non-academic setting—but that is about […]