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Oh the Places We’ll Go!

Oh the Places We’ll Go! by Kylie Kvam, Annie Forsman, and Olivia Dominguez Class of 2016 Senior College map.

School board votes to expand wellness

The TUHSD school board voted to expand the district’s wellness program to Tam and Drake on May 10 after an emotional months-long process for community supporters and the board. The extension of wellness will consist of the hiring of part-time wellness coordinators at the two schools as well as a wellness outreach specialist at Drake, […]


Triple Threat Game Night

On a warm spring afternoon, fans gathered at three separate events for redwood’s first triple threat game night. It was one of the last regular season games for all three teams, and each sport ended the night with a decisive victory.


Acclaimed Americana artists make a pit stop at Redwood

Trey Hensley and Rob Ickes, two acclaimed Nashville musicians, stopped by Redwood’s music room this past Wednesday, performing a set for the fifth, sixth and seventh period music classes. Hensley (acoustic guitar) and Ickes’ (dobro) set consisted of original songs from their Grammy-nominated album “Before the Sun Goes Down,” covers from a diverse range of […]

Russo watches practice with the team behind him.

Coaching trio proves key to success on the diamond

As baseball season swings back around, The Bark has decided to look into exactly what makes this coaching staff so special and different. These three coaches led the varsity team to victory in both North Coast Section and the Marin County Athletic League in 2015. With high expectations for this year’s team, coaches Mike Firenzi, […]


Senior Zack Kopstein prepares to race his human powered vehicle during the engineering projects final.

Previous snapshots


Film Focus short ‘The Journey’ wins first place in state-wide competition

“There’s some really great work with images and how to tell a story, and doing it within 60 seconds is quite a challenge alone,” said Peter Parish, Film Focus teacher. “But these need a solid message. They’re not just telling a story, they’re really trying to deliver a specific message.” This challenge is exactly what […]


Prep of the Year Honarable Mention: Elly Lundberg

When she first started playing CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) volleyball in seventh grade, senior Elly Lundberg was not the best on the court. After only playing for a year, Lundberg felt intimidated by her more experienced teammates. She even considered quitting the sport. “I always felt intimidated and nervous. It was scary,” said Lundberg, now […]


It’s showtime for a school-wide musical

Twenty exhausted figures surround me backstage. It is too dark to see the others, but light enough to feel the synergy, the adrenaline. I treasure this moment, for I know that it will soon become a recycled memory, worn out like a reused rhyme. Click. Light rays bathe the stage in a technicolor glow, cueing […]


Living by the sword

The clinking of the foils starts rather quietly and then escalates into a roaring tin. Fencers dance back and forth on long white pistes, jabbing and retreating, and then jabbing and retreating over again. Here and there a buzzer sounds, notifying everyone that a fencer has been touched by an opponent’s foil, and over the […]


The Huntsman returns, but boredom reigns

The overarching failure of “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” a prequel-sequel combination to the 2012 box office hit “Snow White and the Huntsman,” is its inability to engage the audience. Despite adequate acting and cinematography, the film suffers from a lack of emotional depth and character growth. The first part of the movie, the prequel, depends […]