The creeping cost of college

For a growing number of Redwood students, finances are playing an important role in college decisions instead of merely choosing between acceptances. According to a May Bark survey, 31 percent of students say that concern regarding student debt will influence their college choice. This reflects a growing concern over the sharp rise of student debt. […]

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Oh the Places We’ll Go!

Oh the Places We’ll Go! by Kylie Kvam, Annie Forsman, and Olivia Dominguez Class of 2016 Senior College map.

School board votes to expand wellness

The TUHSD school board voted to expand the district’s wellness program to Tam and Drake on May 10 after an emotional months-long process for community supporters and the board. The extension of wellness will consist of the hiring of part-time wellness coordinators at the two schools as well as a wellness outreach specialist at Drake, […]


Triple Threat Game Night

On a warm spring afternoon, fans gathered at three separate events for redwood’s first triple threat game night. It was one of the last regular season games for all three teams, and each sport ended the night with a decisive victory.


Acclaimed Americana artists make a pit stop at Redwood

Trey Hensley and Rob Ickes, two acclaimed Nashville musicians, stopped by Redwood’s music room this past Wednesday, performing a set for the fifth, sixth and seventh period music classes. Hensley (acoustic guitar) and Ickes’ (dobro) set consisted of original songs from their Grammy-nominated album “Before the Sun Goes Down,” covers from a diverse range of […]


A new mural is placed outside the Kreitzberg Amphitheatre just in time for next week's graduation.

Previous snapshots


GALLERY: Annual Hot Dog Day

Link Crew organized its annual Hot Dog Day Friday as a way to celebrate the beginning of the school year. The event offered free hot dogs, vegetarian dogs and an array of condiments. Live music from the Redwood music program played as many teachers and students waited in a long line stretching past the gym […]


Prep of the Year: Mike Sullivan

I’m Ever since winning the MCAL and NCS titles in the 2009-2010 season, the Redwood basketball team has failed to achieve its lofty expectations despite having all the pieces of a successful team. This year, senior Mike Sullivan helped his team live up to its pre-2009 success, shattering records as he lead the team in […]


Do your patriotic duty and vote

“I guess I’m just not going to vote this election. I don’t trust Hillary and Trump is an idiot.” As I walk down the hall on a Wednesday morning, I hear a senior say these words to her friends. “Totally. This election is so ridiculous, there’s like no good candidate,” her friend says back to […]


La raza en Redwood: Logro académico

Read in English Estudiantes hispanos y afroamericanos realizan notas más bajas que los estudiantes blancos y asiáticos en Redwood y en el TUHSD, según el informe de la Asociación occidental de escuelas y universidades (WASC). Cada seis años, Redwood lleva a cabo un informe que es requerido por la ley de California para acreditar las […]


Marin offers sunrise spots even Monet couldn’t paint

  As is tradition after Grad Night, seniors may gather together to admire a beautiful sunrise as the dawn of a new beginning. Although these spots have been picked specifically for the seniors, anyone who enjoys an early rise or a short hike can enjoy. Ring Mountain: 4 Stars Ring Mountain offers an abundance of […]