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Students congregate in the Kreitzburg Amphitheatre during lunch.

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View from Havana, Cuba

Cuban-American teachers shed light on new policy changes

Although some students may see President Barack Obama’s recent decision to relax the embargo on Cuba as no more than an opportunity for a potential spring break trip, the change in United States policy and subsequent attention on Cuba has larger significance for many Cuban-Americans, including Spanish teacher Gilda Obrador and English teacher Catherine Marsh. […]

Martin Steinman consults with a client at Canal Alliance. Aside from teaching English to Spanish-speaking immigrants, he assists with matters ranging from tax return preparation and filing to guidance on issues of domestic abuse. In the past, Steinman also taught Social Studies at Redwood for a brief period of time.

New state law allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses

A new state law implemented earlier this month allows undocumented immigrants to receive driver’s licenses. California’s Assembly Bill 60, commonly referred to as “AB 60,” which took effect on Jan. 1, allows undocumented immigrants to obtain specialized driver’s licenses. The law comes as a relief to many undocumented immigrants residing in the state who, until […]

Board members discuss the issue of hiring a new superintendent at the TUHSD Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

School board seeks search firm to hire superintendent by July

Following Superintendent Laurie Kimbrel’s announcement of her upcoming resignation, the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) Board of Trustees voted to attempt to find a new superintendent by July 1 of 2015, as opposed to hiring an interim superintendent to serve from July 2015 to July 2016. This decision occurred shortly after a public comment […]


Despite a strong finish, girls’ varsity basketball loses to Drake

The girls’ varsity basketball team’s strong finish was not enough to carry them to victory on Friday against Drake. Late in the first half the Giants lost intensity, allowing Drake to step in, finishing with a score of 48-40. Redwood scored 17 points in the fourth quarter, while Drake only scored 11. However, Drake outscored Redwood […]

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Champions Never Quit

In bold red paint, atop a mural of two professional boxers, read the words, “Champions never quit.” The mural, along with the three powerful overlaid words, resides at the D.F. Boxing Club’s gym in Richmond, where senior Iris Contreras trains five days a week. Contreras currently holds the title as the second best 125-pound female […]

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Geometry A, Algebra P3-P4 discontinued

This past December, the Redwood administration decided to discontinue Geometry A and Algebra P3-P4 for the 2015-2016 school year. Geometry A was a class intended for students whose teachers believed they weren’t ready for standard Geometry, while Algebra P3-P4 was a year-long class covering the second half of Algebra. Students who previously would have taken […]


Racing to the top: Mountain biker pursues passion

When Kelsey Urban lined up at the starting line for the 2014 Cross Country Mountain Bike National Championships, she had never been more nervous for anything in her life. Poised to take second place, as she had at the other Pro Mountain Bike Cross Country Tour (Pro XCT) races across the country last summer, Urban […]


Music played in hallways serves as creativity outlet

The administration’s recent decision to prohibit students from playing their music in the hallways during passing periods has sparked a debate about student rights and freedom of self expression and the extent to which school is a professional environment merits heated debate. Schools are legally responsible for each and every one of their students during […]


Despite state protection, medicinal marijuana cardholders face federal restrictions

Because the legalization of marijuana is currently being settled by individual states, marijuana users may face problems with the federal government despite legally obtaining the drug through state laws. Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and D.C. have legalized the drug for recreational use, and 23 states, including California, have allowed the drug for medicinal purposes. However, […]


Secret Garden Tea House provides classic experience

As work at the academy picks up in the second term, the Bark decided to treat themselves to a fine English tradition at Secret Garden Tea House, where although the tea is marginally tasteful, the atmosphere is quite agreeable and the decor is unquestionably quaint. Before we enlighten you with the particulars of our experience, […]