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Students congregate in the Kreitzburg Amphitheatre during lunch.

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Despite a strong finish, girls’ varsity basketball loses to Drake

The girls’ varsity basketball team’s strong finish was not enough to carry them to victory on Friday against Drake. Late in the first half the Giants lost intensity, allowing Drake to step in, finishing with a score of 48-40. Redwood scored 17 points in the fourth quarter, while Drake only scored 11. However, Drake outscored Redwood […]

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Champions Never Quit

In bold red paint, atop a mural of two professional boxers, read the words, “Champions never quit.” The mural, along with the three powerful overlaid words, resides at the D.F. Boxing Club’s gym in Richmond, where senior Iris Contreras trains five days a week. Contreras currently holds the title as the second best 125-pound female […]


Boys’ varsity basketball defeats Tam in defensive showdown

The boys’ varsity basketball team held on to victory against Tam on Tuesday night’s close matchup at Redwood. Despite a slow offensive start and scoring only two points in the second quarter, the Giant’s pulled out the 60-54 win due in part to their aggressive defense. “We held them to eight in the second quarter. […]

A firefighter walks away from the flames.

Trailer home in Greenbrae erupts in flames

A house fire roared throughout a Marin RV park at 10 a.m. this morning, demolishing a small trailer home and sending thick, black smoke into the atmosphere. The trailer home fire, located near Trader Joe’s off of Redwood Highway in Greenbrae, was potentially caused by a the resident falling asleep with a cigarette still lighted, […]


Life on the Redwood farm

Two years ago, the patch of grass between the pool and the amphitheater was just that: a patch of grass, sometimes used as a viewing area for parents as they watched their chlorine-soaked children on Saturday mornings during summer league swim meets. A year later, the parents have been  replaced by students kneeling in damp […]

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CA Lieutenant Gov. and locals discuss wellness center initiatives at Redwood

Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, met with 16 other community leaders at Redwood on Jan. 20 to discuss next year’s wellness center. Discussions revolved around plans to integrate outside professionals into the wellness center and classrooms, according to Jessica Colvin, Redwood’s Wellness Director. Newsom, along with the mayor of Larkspur, the vice mayor of […]


Picon-Roura set sights on college football career

Senior Dago Picon-Roura recalls being reluctant when his parents signed him up for the local Pop Warner football team at the age of eight. “My mom signed me up for football to learn to be more aggressive,” Picon-Roura said. “I kept telling her, ‘I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it,’ […]


Transitioning away from the binary mindset

  On Dec. 28, 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn from Ohio made national headlines after committing suicide. Alcorn, born male, came out to her family as female at the age of 14 and explained in a suicide note posted on her Tumblr blog that she had always felt like a girl trapped inside of a boy’s body. […]


Homecoming queen participates in nationwide competition

Senior Gabriela Manuela was recently selected by the America’s Homecoming Queen organization to represent California at the Liberty Bowl, an annual college football game. Manuela is currently entered in a competition to be named California’s Homecoming Queen, and if she wins, she will be entered in a nationwide competition to become America’s Homecoming Queen. “The […]


Haring exhibit reveals artist’s political perspective

Keith Haring began his artistic career in New York City subway stations in the early 80s. He used chalk to draw on empty advertising panels on the station walls, working quickly so he wouldn’t get caught. Now, Haring’s subway drawings are, somewhat incongruously, in a museum. The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, to be more […]