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Desk Jams Edition 10: Max Lukianchikov

  Senior Max Lukianchikov discusses his passion for guitar and why music is important to him. Lukianchikov is a part of the Redwood band “Canopy”.  

A California sea lion pup recuperates at the Marine Mammal Center located in Sausalito.

Struggling for Survival: Bay Area sea lions face changing conditions

Struggling for Survival: Bay Area sea lions face changing conditions By Catherine Conrow and Macrae Sharp   Although sea lions can be spotted at beaches along the California coast, many of these marine mammals will end up in our backyard, 15 minutes away in Sausalito. Upon entering the Marine Mammal Center, a veterinary research hospital, […]


BREAKING: Major Ecuadorian earthquake strikes near students on service trip

Updated 4/20/16: The students returned safely from Panama on Tuesday evening. See images below. A group of Redwood students and teachers on a service trip in Ecuador emerged unharmed after a devastating earthquake late Saturday night. The 7.8-magnitude quake struck the coast of northern Ecuador. The group, whose trip was associated with Global Student Embassy, […]


Advisory period to be added to 2016-17 school year

The Redwood Site Council and Link Crew teachers proposed a schedule change which will add an additional advisory period to the current schedule next fall. The schedule change was voted on by teachers and passed by a vote of 77 for, 16 against and 2 absent on Tuesday, March 29. A number of teachers involved […]

Roiz mounts the rings while in class.

Drop it like it’s squat: juniors compete in CrossFit open

At 5:30 a.m., while most students are still asleep, two athletes can be found wide awake, pushing through intense cardio intervals and weight repetitions. These two athletes, juniors Robert Schwartz and Sam Roiz, both participate in CrossFit training and competition. For five weeks, Roiz and Schwartz competed in The Open, the first round of the […]


A fire alarm was pulled near the boys' bathroom during fifth period today.

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Community input wanted for Piper Park renovation

After years of planning, the city of Larkspur is asking community members for their final input on two master designs for the renovation of Piper Park on Doherty Drive. A link to a SurveyMonkey survey, which allows participants to view and choose between the different designs, was sent out last month and will continue to […]


A first-hand Slam Poetry experience

In the spacious main room of the Mill Valley library, three of Redwood’s slam poets performed in a competition against poets from Tamalpais High School and Terra Linda High School. Sophomore Ali Janku, junior Stephanie Oh and senior Olivia Sinclair all made it to the second round of performances before Sinclair and Janku clinched first […]


Anna Benitez: Caretaker connecting with students

Walking into the Wellness Center, students are greeted by Anna Benitez, officially known as a “Wellness Outreach Specialist,” but more commonly recognized as a friendly face and the bountiful provider of the much sought-after Kind Bar. Dozens of students interact with Benitez on a daily basis, but few know what goes on in her life […]


No breaks on the insane train of the new House of Cards

The fourth season of House of Cards was a rollercoaster of previously unexplored ideas that completely altered the series’ universe. The lousy dynamic of season three was ditched, and the new season attempted to mimic the theme of “rising in power” that was successfully pulled off in seasons one and two. However, the setting in […]