Buzzer-beater, Unified team and Make a Wish spice up winter rally

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Redwood students were packed shoulder to shoulder, standing proudly in their grade section for the winter student showcase rally. Enthusiasm and school spirit radiated throughout the main gym during the rally, which is a highly-awaited and popular event as it only happens three times per school year.

To start off the rally, the Unified basketball team excitedly ran through the cheerleaders’ arc of pom poms, ready to perform their stunts. Subsequently, senior twin siblings Jericho and Tomi Rajninger shared their personal experiences with the Make A Wish Foundation. In the final minutes, as students were anticipating the end of the rally, the audience went wild after a buzzer-beating full court shot made by senior Alex Diaz during the student-staff basketball game, tying the game 5-5 as the audience erupted in applause.

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