Weight training class open to students next semester

As fall scheduling approaches, students can now expect to find a stress-relieving option on their forms.

Pending the level of student interest, the physical education department may offer Individual Excellence Weight Training for next semester, a class designed to give students time during the school day to work out.

“From feedback we’ve gotten from students, we feel like having the opportunity to design a workout plan and meet fitness goals during the day is desirable for people,” said Wendy Stratton, the P.E. teacher leader.

According to P.E. teacher Heather Brabo, the department decided to create the class in response to frequent student requests to use the fitness room during lunch, after school, and during free periods.

The class would be taught by Brabo, who would act as a personal trainer for the students. “You can come in never having worked out and I will make a plan for you,” she said.

Brabo said that she will help students create, refine, and maintain individual fitness goals as well as provide support during the class, such as helping with form.

According to Stratton, the class will be very personal and student-oriented.

“It’s going to really be up to students,” said Stratton. “They’ll be encouraged to have a comprehensive workout plan that promotes overall fitness.”

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